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Illustration for the Silmarillion by Tolkien
watercolor on paper, 33x55,5cm
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lllphazelll's avatar
what if ... maglor was a reincarnation of malkor ....
Playing the Nolodolante, what I would not give to hear that.
ObsidianSerpent's avatar
This is wonderful. And somehow it's so beautiful and mournful it actually makes me sad (in a good way). All those gentle blues and greys fit the mood so well, and the wind-blown movement of the hair contrasts so beautifully with the stillness of his face.  I'm clicking on watch as I need to look through your gallery at leisure, your art is superb. 
barefootliam's avatar
Mmmm dark and moody windswept youth :heart:
AquaticJM's avatar
This looks magnificent! :)
pumkin-moon's avatar
ah, Maglor, my sad salty sea boi
The best of the sons of Fëanor.
Lumine00's avatar
The only sane among Feanor's children.
Well, Maedhros was pretty sane - he was the one who tried (and mostly succeeded) in controlling his brothers, keeping them on the right-hand path, insofar as that was possible. I think he only really cracked towards the end.

But yeah, it's bloody gorgeous.
Aijoku's avatar
I love this so much for the gloomy seaside atmosphere..I can feel the strong cold wind on my skin just by looking at this painting.. the melody of the harp plays beautiful symphony with the sea waves.. his flying hair is in harmony with sea too.. like  waves.. the expression of his face is just magical for the moment..everything together is making this piece so exquisite and sensational!  +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel +~*F2U*~+ Pink Heart Pixel 
FREE flying hearts Icon 
EKukanova's avatar
Thank you very much! :aww:
DariaAzolina's avatar
вау.. тонко, чувственно. почему-то вспомнился врубельский демон
SeanWolfson's avatar
great artwork style!
valaroma88's avatar
love your art! [Bunny Emote] Love 
Ilonica's avatar
You are so wonderful about the atmosphere, just amazing!
EKukanova's avatar
Ilonica's avatar
Только сейчас прочитала ваш профиль и узнала что вы из Москвы. Очень здорово, что в моём городе живут столь замечательные художники, как вы)
EnglemanArt's avatar
This is very good. I love how you depicted him with loosened hair and with a grey background, showing his sadness and desperation. Well done!
MaireSmith's avatar
This is wonderful. Do you sell prints?
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