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Lord of the Third House in Middle-Earth

Finarfin's farewell to his children
From left to right:  Finarfin, Orodreth, Galadriel, Finrod, Aegnor, Angrod

Actually, this is an illustration for fan-novel by Eilian, the story of Finarfin- "Восшествие на престол" Эйлиан , but I'm totally sure, that kind of scene had place).
Finarfin gives his ring to Finrod as a simbol of regal power (lately known as a ring of Barahir), and says that from now he is the Lord of the Third House in Middle-Earth.

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Finarfin -fragment

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Oh my! Heartbreaking, all the children left their father! Not a good enough explanation by Tolkien, would like to see some anguish there. Must be the mass of his people wanted to follow Feanor to the new world. Still.....

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I love how you can immediately tell they're Elven people... very fair.

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I love the way you express the gravitas of the situation.

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Thank you very much!
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this level of detail is beyond human! i would love to see some 40k artworks because you could really do some epic scenes.
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Congratulations! Your artwork has been selected to be shared across OCAD's social media platforms reaching approx. 300k viewers. If you would like us to promote you and your work do let us know. There is no cost or fee for this we just feel more people should know about you and your work. Thanks for sharing!
Perhaps , I shall try to write some music , coming from this magic atmosphere .
Isn't easy but I shall try . A symphonic sketch for a work of you .
I think that will be a powerful experience for me , 
I shall see if I shall be able to be at that level .
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Thank you very much, Radu!
Oh, if your idea will comes to life, it will be very interesting, especially for me))  Because I oftenly taking inspiration in music)     for example "Is" by Alan Stivell inspired me for my "Maglor",  "Rachel's song" by Vangelis for latest "Yavanna", Deep Forest for Irmo,  especially theirs album Amazonia)
...and now I'm working at my own little project,  I would like to make a clip, -sideshow with my vorks tells about the story of Andret and Aegnor; not all the images which I have in planes to do for this theme is done,  but I searching the music which convey the feeling right... 
Thank you very much for all your kind words, appreciate a lot!
Thanks that you  accept the idea of my dreams flying among harmonies and powerful paintings and drawings .
A great honor for me . I shall try to follow the style of the songs you told me about .
I would like to ask you something about the music : do you like also the classical music , or even
our time's music which are coming from that style ?I would say , from Bach , Mozart ( he has also very, very dramatic moments),
Betthoven, Wagner , MAHLER - should be fantastic for your art - , Prokofiev , Shostakovich , Glass?
I composed myself , of course in the way of this kind of music , for Shakespeare but also for some Preraffaelit Painters .
On the other hand , I made with my music or the great composers' works some mp4 "movies " . 
Now I shall try to do now , quickly , something on your wonderful works . And you will see .
Your art is dramatic , and based on the stories very near the Germanic or Northern legends , could be fantastic for Mahler  but not only .
If you accept , I shall choose some your works and I shall try to do just a  "movie "  - one or two variants .
After you will decide . But I shall try to find even the tittles you told me about .
Have a beautiful and poetical time for your works.
Such evocative atmosphere ,
and the looks are full of light and subtle harmony
Your works , like a symphonic music written by colors , nuances and light
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I love the use of colors and the blonde in their hair. The mood and composition and the skies are fantastic!
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Thank you very much!
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I adore the details in the clothing and armor but I'll be damned if they don't all look like clones of each other.
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Oh, a great idea. Nice to think that Finarfin officially passed his ring on to Finrod before he abandoned the Flight of the Noldor. A pity I won't be able to read the fanwork, but I'm glad you illustrated this scene - and so beautifully!
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Lovely use of gold and silver making this picture so rich. Excellent faces strong with expression.
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This is amazing artwork! It's nice to see whole Finarfin's family together.
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It is a beautiful piece. Love the family resemblance in all the faces, from Finarfin to his children. Finrod is almost a split image of his father. And the hair! Gorgeous hair on the entire family. It must have taken you a long time. The details are phenomenal. I also love the design of their outfits, their silver mail to the elegant white tunic on Galadriel. Beautiful and noble family. And the somber color used on the background shows well the grief each must be feeling although they keep a stiff upper lip as is expected of them.
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Thank you very much for your kind words!  This work trully took a lot of time and efforts, but I had a great pleasure and fun with creating this one=)
Красивые, благородные, одухотворённые лица - и хмурое низкое небо над ними, как тень проклятия валар... :-(
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