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Haleth -sketch

By EKukanova
Haleth,  character sketch for the Silmarillion by Tolkien.
graphite pencils, A4 

used stock-Aleida pink dress 8 by CathleenTarawhiti
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© 2016 - 2021 EKukanova
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A true warrior lady, and I love the style of clothing.

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You have the most beautiful style 💗
I love her. Thank you for this, it's a very vivid piece. So much youth and determination and strength in her, exactly as there needs to be.

I really adore your Haleth. She's still gorgeous and womanly but yet still the warrior she had to be for her people. Alot of portrayals I've seen made her either black, (which none of the Edain were black-skinned) a young teenager, or too-amazonly. 
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Wow! Impressive, your style reminds me John Howe! 
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Thank you!  I love classic stile)
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I love it! The lighting is wonderful, and I love the motion.
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You're welcome! Your work is wonderful.
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Again, like how you make use of your references, pulling out the significant details in order to base the figure in reality, and then build up the rest from the story.

(I've been studying shadows recently, and love how you've done both your direct and indirect lighting here.)

Beautifully done!
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Beautiful! There are not enough strong female characters in Tolkien's work, so this one deserves special attention.
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Oh, that is so wonderfulHeart 
Haleth is my favorite Tolkien human character - I'm so glad you drew her. She's stunning.
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Thank you very much! she is trully deserves more atancion =)
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heck yeah @ those bronze age inspired accoutrements
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Thank you!  Trully, I looked at the ancient germanic pieces when I drawed her outfit)
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This is stunning! What a gorgeous drawing! Heart Love 
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