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Angrod, Aegnor.  Lords of Dorthonion in everyday life :)

used stock: Blacksmith 6,  Blacksmith 8

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Aug 24, 2016, 11:49:08 AM
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i hope it is low-fat bacon that they are frying :D i’ve come back to this picture several times, wondering about that half-smile :nod: and how well-drawn it all is, even the sparks from the fire.
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So portray them so good.
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аж в горле пересохло.. ну оооочень красиво!
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Как красиво!Какие мышцы...как чудесно бликуют на них отсветы пламени.
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Повспоминала немножко анатомию, совместила полезное с приятным %))
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Здорово вышло!
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Awesome drawing! 
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Love the hair and the play of lights. Awsome work!
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Beautiful the way you've done the muscle definition. Love the spray of the fire in the forge.
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Thank you very much, dear friend!
It was very interesting challenge, to draw a nude after 10 years of interruption, and it was much more funny when depiction of fabrics))
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Funny, because I find the human body much easier to depict than to create the flow and weight of fabric!  I keep trying to practice, so I'm getting a little better, but it's work!  Your fabrics are so amazingly light that you can see them moving as the character moves, or in the case of a heavy robe, you can feel the weight of it against the character's shoulders.

Love the light reflecting off of the sweat on their bodies as they work over the heat of the forge!
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Wow! Awesome! Heart Love 
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ah the light! Such a strong drawing! I have to say Im rather in favour of your sketches... they have such a raw energy.
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Thank you very much!  sometimes  "unfinished", fast works looks more expressive)
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Boy, is that ever true!  I've found that in my drawings too.  There's something about how the imagination of the viewer begins to fill in details.  Rather than being something I am simply looking at, it is something I am living!
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Yes, its necessary to give sometimes a freedom for imagination of viewer:)
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Yeah, which is sometimes a challenge for those of us who excel in creating work with tremendous detail! :D  It's a real effort for me to back away and not finish every little surface and nuance in a piece...  but it can make for a more powerful piece if done right!
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Simple, and beautiful... 
Love the sparks! :love: 
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