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Caranthir -sketch

By EKukanova
Caranthir, illustration for the Silmarillion by Tolkien
graphite, A4

as an inspiration I used this photo:… by OkamiKiba13
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So much personality

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One of my favorites! This is absolutely stunning!!!
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Thank you very much!
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Finely a beautiful sketch of Caranthir that does not make him look like a woman, so many do its funny Laugh and sad. Sad fayse. He's gorgeous, and he looks so serious which is perfect. I know I say this every time but I would love to see a portrait of him. Sorry I keep saying that and yes I know it does not become more profound with repatriation. With loveHeart  AlexisofRadiasHere's a kiss for you, my love! 
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Nice use of the reference photo, giving you deeper perspective on the figure of the horse.
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Impressive! I coulnd't stop looking at his face, you are very skilled!
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I knew who this was before I even looked at the title of the picture.  You've captured Caranthir perfectly with the set of his mouth and the arrogant yet weary look in his eyes.  I love the details of the amour and the way you've drawn the horse.  
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Thank you very much! 
To ketch an essence of a character is a most interesting part in portrait)
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Great artwork.  Not many artists draw Caranthir as he's not as popular as Maglor and Maedhros. 
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Your graphite skills are wonderful =)
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Какой он классный!..
Мне нравится его угрюмая красота. 
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ещё один "внезапный" портрет))
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Awesome, that's him. :)
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*____* your elves are amazing :*
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Не ожидала увидеть у Вас феанорингов. :) Очень здорово, такой угрюмо-надменный, но всё же прекрасный эльф.
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Спасибо большое!  Так, для разнообразия масти и характеров =)
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Wonderful how you captured his stern, dark character in his grim mouth and arrogant glance, but there's something sad about him too, though he looks proud (makes me wonder if he is looking at Haleth out of the corner of his eye). I truly admire the details in the armour and how beautifully the horse is drawn. I have so much to learn about sketching, looking at this!
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Thank you very much, dear friend!
Now, I trying to understand the sons of Feanor and Feanor himself, how the Oath was chenged them.  Caranthir is mostly interesting in that episode with Haleth, encounter of two races.    And thats always pleasant to draw animals, also I love to draw an armour with a mass of details =)
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