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Bolshoy Ustinsky Bridge

oil, canvas, 130x95cm

one of my favourites places in Moscow
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Apr 23, 2013, 3:47:36 PM
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AdamTSC's avatar
This would be the Lomonosov University ?
I never been in Moscow but I saw some photo .
I was in 1992 in Russia , I conducted the Minsk Phylarmony  and the Choir 
( I am musician ) 
I remember a beautiful city , Minsk , with very large streets , a wonderful orthodox Cathedral
and the people very nice .
EKukanova's avatar
No, this is not an University, but very similar building, there exist a seven this kind of buildings in Moscow.
Minsk is also very beautiful city, and almost completely built in this stile. I was there many timas and love Minsk very much))
I had beautiful recordings about the people , about 
the Ortodox Cathedral , about the visit to the 
Music Academy in Minsk . I had the opportunity 
to assist to the violin's class , singers class 
orchestra's class . They were nice and gave 
us a wonderful hospitality .
I shall try to find some photos from there .
I must have even a film (movie ) from that visit and from the concert .
Arashi-no-Tori's avatar
Удивительно, как взгляд художника превращает это, в общем, вполне обычное место в нечто волшебное. Я там живу, в этом районе, но никогда бы не смогла увидеть этот мост таким.
EKukanova's avatar
Wow! Завидую))) 
для меня  Сталинский ампир- это, пожалуй, лицо Москвы, то, что делает Москву непохожей на другие города
Я живу не в центре, но всё моё отрочество и юность прошли где-то в замоскворечье и районе Чистых прудов (училась в МАХЛ РАХ на Крымском валу и Академии Глазунова на Мясницкой), так что эти края мне особенно дороги...  особенно высотка на Котельнической, куда мы в середине 90-х бегали из школы в кино (кино, которое не показывали в прочих кинотеатрах)))
Вообще у меня в планах целая серия Сталинских высоток), спасибо за ваш отзыв)
Arashi-no-Tori's avatar
Буду ждать! Сама очень люблю сталинский ампир. Наверное, моё самое любимое здание этого стиля - здание Минобороны на Фрунзенской набережной.
Radiolaire's avatar
Beautiful! I greatly admire the work on the bridge; uncannily realistic. The architecture is also so beautifully rendered.
Sagittarius-A-star's avatar
Beautiful, I can see why this is one of your favorite places in Moscow. :) 
Ohthehumanityplz's avatar
That's beautiful! Looks almost like a photograph! :wow:
dashinvaine's avatar
Stalin's Wedding Cake....
EKukanova's avatar
I love this architecture style very much, so grand and original. I am of opinion that it characterizes Moscow and makes unlike other cities:)
dashinvaine's avatar
Yes, some of the Communist era art and architecture was very impressive. Not that this redeems the ideology or excuses the behaviour of the Bolsheviks. 
EKukanova's avatar
Now, who's giving a flying hot potato about 'dem commies? 
In fact, the 7 Stalin's sisters were built after NY skyscrapers with addition of spiels. History rules =)

As for impressive or not, I'd rather watch for Stalin's Ampire, instead of concrete cast monsters of contemporary "architecture", thank you very much.

My point, don't mix artists and politics, never. 
Arashi-no-Tori's avatar
Hear, hear. I also like Stalin's Empire style, it's much better than what they build now.
H-Johanna's avatar
That's beautiful. You've captured the atmosphere really well
Ithildin-dA's avatar
Phenomenal work with this ... I thought at first that it might be a photograph. Simply stunning!
EKukanova's avatar
Thank you very much!^^
pearwood's avatar
The new and the grand.
MariaB9's avatar
I suppose it is needless to say how awesome this is.
EKukanova's avatar
MariaB9's avatar
You are welcome! :hug:
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