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Andreth and Aegnor- the first encounter

By EKukanova
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Andreth and Aegnor
Inspired by "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth" by Tolkien
vatercolours and gouashe on paper, 70x 44cm

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Great love story and you have really captured it with these paintings, fantastic. Even Aegnor's horse is tremendous! And Andreth, absolutely beautiful!

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I love how enchanted by her he looks in all your pictures of them. One of my favorite stories. =)

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I truly wish that Tolkien had kept the tale of Andreth and Aegnor in his later writings. its such a powerful love story, even if they didn't up being together as Beren and Luthien did, but the love between them wasn't any less. Besides, I personally found Tolkein's first theory that Men were originally without death like Elves to be closer to reality and more fitting with their ever-yearning to escape it. 
And, I'm just gonna say no one can draw these two as beautiful and breath-taking as you do. 
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Totally agree with you, it is a pity that story of Andreth and Aegnor was not included to Silmarillion.  Athrabet Finrod ah Andreth   is one of most powerfull things, very deep and thought provoking, and lovestory intimated there I found as more beautiful, sad and interesting than Beren/Luthien story  is*___*  Thank you very much for all your kind words!
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yeah, he should have kept it. Although I'm very pleased that Christopher Tolkein included it in Morgoth's Ring, he did not have to and for that I'm grateful. 
But yes, I also find the tale of Andreth and Aegnor more sorrowful by far then Beren and Luthien. Aegnor had to watch the woman he loved age into an frail, old woman before his very eyes, while he remained as he was. I cannot imagine the agony he must have experienced in that situation. And then in the end, they never saw each other again before death separated them forever. (or at least until Arda is Remade in my hopes) Its just...it hurts. 
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I had not visited Deviantart for quite a while, but when I do I always visit your gallery first - so, too, this time. Imagine my surprise when I find all these incredible illustrations of one of my favorite pieces of writing by Tolkien, the Anthabeth...!! Wow!! All your drawings are absolutely gorgeous, and capture the two of them so well. Thank you so much for sharing them!
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Thank you very much!! :aww: :sun: :sun:
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Fantastic work-art!!!!! Love it!
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Какая же нежная и прекрасная работа! Браво!
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I like how on Aegnor's face there is a look of captivation upon his face, no matter how restrained it is. Andreth looks so small compared to him but her posture shows that while she's as much in awe of him, she is pretty curious as well. You can't imagine how much I love scholarly women! This really beautiful and detailed!
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I wonder what they say to each other😌Your pics are so romantic, detailed and amazingly drawn😍!I love your galleries!
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I think, at first they desided to introduce themself to each other).
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Just gorgeous!
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Beautiful work!:)
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omg... I envy your talent, your technique is sublime, this painting is just breathtaking.
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Все великолепно! хочется разглядеть мельчайшие детали, всмотреться в выражения лиц, жесты и пейзаж. Это действительно живая сцена!
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Спасибо большое!)^^
я выкладывала фрагмент, где лица и руки покрупнее, почему-то не получается делать "линк" на другую картинку:/
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Something I hadn't noticed before: the position of Andregh's legs.  with the way she is holding her cloak and the sweep of her hair, cloak and the fullness of her dress, my assumption was that she was moving away from her sudden encounter with Aegnor, almost in a hint of fear.  However, with the position of her legs, she is clearly standing straight,and it is the wind which is pulling at her, as if to draw her into Aegnor, sweeping her out of control.

(*sigh*)  still wonderfully beautiful, Elena.   ;-)
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)))))   Well yes, the wind is really gives a feeling like Andreth is shrinked back  of him (if not to look to her legs), but it is true that she's let drop a pair of flowers))   I tried to imaginate this scene and really think that the sudden encounter like that could slightly make afraid her)

This story is really captivating me now, I had about a five different variants of this moment in sketches, but couldn't choose the best (usualy it means that no one is good enough, but I desiring to draw it))  So, as possible I will put into life them all)
Thank you so very much, dear friend, glad you like it)
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