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I want to thank everyone who has written to me over the last few days. Whether it was positive or negative, I appreciate encountering real passion in whatever form it takes. I wrote what is below in response to a thoughtful comment I received, and felt it might be worth sharing with anyone who comes across my page in the days to come.

Change can be difficult, I really do understand this. It's especially difficult because this update is such a large one. Usually updates are rolled out more incrementally on networks like ours, so the differences are less glaring. Unfortunately the old version of DA did not get this steady diet of modifications over the years, so this redesign feels a little more jarring as we give the site it's first rejuvenation in many years.

We've written personal and public statements saying we're listening to concerns but honestly they mainly fall on deaf ears. I get why too - take an instance where people ask for a change or a feature and we totally agree and want to make it. The time it takes to scope out exactly how to do that, then to schedule the work factoring in all the projects we're already working on, and then to actually execute it across Product, UX, UI, FED and Dev then put it all through marketing - it's a process that makes it feel like we didn't hear. It's really hard looking at it all from the outside in to understand that some stuff that seems easy to do is actually very difficult and very time consuming and to conclude we aren't paying attention - but we are! We are working! It takes time.

And that's an instance where we do agree. There's going to be stuff that just isn't going to reconcile with some users, no matter what. Stash writer is not coming back for example - a decision we made with good strategic reasons that is going to be long term beneficial for our site and our community whilst short term annoying the heck out of some people. This is an example of the kind of decisions you have to make when tackling a project of this magnitude. So there's going to be stuff where we hear you, we see where you're coming from, and we aren't going to do it anyway because we're just going a different route.

What I'd ask you to bear in mind is that the place is the same - the people, the art, everything. I get that the familiar decor and layout of the room is different, but it's the easiest part to get used to. It's also not the final form - DA is now finally in a process of growth and evolution, and most everything you see here will be iterated upon and improved in the months and years to come.

We are very open to hearing specific things you'd like us to address. We want to know what you think can be improved - hearing from you helps us set our priorities for what to give attention to next. Unfortunately if we get a response simply stating "go back to the old design" then there's no way for us to action that or discuss further other than to say we hear you and understand that's your preference.

I need to emphasise that we aren't doing this arbitrarily. The old site was impossible to work from. We are trying to bring new things and new life to DA, and we needed a fresh start and a clean platform to build from. I think when the dust settles and you see what we have planned and what we are building you'll understand why this difficult transition was necessary. What is to come is simply beyond the scope of what was possible before.

© 2020 ekud
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DomcDoesArtHobbyist Filmographer

Why is the popular page filled with uncensored NSFWs? Why does the algorithm keep giving me weird and edgy stuffs in the "recommended for you" section in the Home page and an ungodly amount of porn and nudity in the "recommended for you" in the Watch page? Why is everything filled with cringe in the "popular" section?

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There's a glitch in the notifications page.

Going to "https://www.deviantart.com/notifications/watch", takes you to the "deviations" tab, not the "all" tab, despite the URL being for the "all" tab. You're in the "deviations" tab, even though the URL says you're in the "all" tab.

This means that there's no way to instantly load the "all" tab like in the previous design. You must always load something else and then click to see it; it's an extra click that didn't used to be there; it's become more inconvenient, and it's clearly not supposed to be like that.

There's also that it's caused me and other people to miss out on journals. Because when I went to "/watch", I wasn't paying attention and noticing the "deviations" tab was highlighted because it didn't occur to me that this would be different. Why would it? It's the URL I always went to before and was able to see everything, and that's even the way it's still supposed to be now. This was an oversight I only recently discovered, and I had noticed that I hadn't seen any journal posts since after the change to Eclipse, and it turns out some of the people were I follow were posting them all along, and I just never saw it. You made me miss out on a favorite artist of mine briefly reopening commissions because I thought I was seeing everything when I was really in the "deviations" tab.

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This never explained why you CHANGED features. Changing the programming does not need changing major functions. The old design was much better, more intuitive. Now I can guess which features are hidden behind mouse-hovering-features... Guests cannot visit my gallery anymore without creating an account,..... I wrote several journals with countless of problems on the topic. This is simply unprofessional.

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MaSi-83Hobbyist Digital Artist

Good post, I wish I had seen it a month ago.

Here is my list of things that I think could be better:


Sorry that this is a picture, but I have problems with copy paste since eclipse.

How about using something like https://trello.com for more transparency?

So users can see what is actually worked on or planed. That kind of information would calm a lot of people.

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GaleshineHobbyist Digital Artist

So basically Eclipse is an unfinished project under construction still. Is that why there's so much slow down in the Journal and Literature pages? I get flash no longer works. HTML 5 is actually replacing that. Maybe people prefer to use the old version until Eclipse is a finished project rather than it being forced on whether we want to use it or not. I know my comment is going to fall on deaf ears and I get it; All of the staff and devs of Deviantart have been planning for this project. But why not give people a choice?

Isn't decision making and innovation how Deviantart came to be? Even if staff can't work with it, I know Classic mode is scrapped by now and Eclipse is permanent--There's probably no way of cycling back to it without crashing the whole website. But at least start making announcements to give everyone a heads up when there are going to be out of nowhere changes like this. Not a demand, merely a suggestion.

Also, If Eclipse can fix the jarring slowdown that goes on with the action script on Journal pages and Literature pages that I have issues with currently, That would be GREAT!

I don't just post art, I like to write stories and the end lag when typing makes it very difficult to do when a website is undergoing construction at the same time.

You know, I wrote a chapter in literature of a story and for some reason, It would not submit...You know, A Broken Submission button? I think it was undergoing some change--An HTML 5 or something like that, But I wouldn't know.

Well, If the Journal and Literature slow down is at least fixed to the point of little to no slow down--Since it seems to be in BETA version [Short for under construction/undergoing development]

I am...Rather curious since Eclipse is incomplete. Now, I have little against change. I know that with each passing year, Technology is changing. The Internet is changing. The world is changing and over time, We need to make adaptations to that change so, I'm curious again, to see what Eclipse will feel like when it's in it's final form because right now, This is still the early stages of it.

I resent that Eclipse was forced without a choice, But if you and the devs can make it worth it, Then don't just say it, do it. Make it worth it. I sure do hope the complete version of Eclipse has all the website cells in the right places.

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Why do flash documents no longer fit within the deviation page now? What's the point of all of this unnecessary extra space, only to force the flash into a cramped space with those scroll bars ruining the view? Even in theatre view you still can't see the flash in full; the scroll bars are still there.

Bring the old layout back, or at least make things look less spacious and more close together on here.

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ekudProfessional Digital Artist
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KingWonkyBunnyHobbyist Photographer

I appreciate this nicely worded post. Thank you. :)

Though I'm ok with Eclipse. Although there is one thing I'm not happy about (That I think could be easily fixed).

When I try to change my icon, I just get a message that says something along the lines of, 'Image doesn't fit the requirements ToBlob'. SO I usually change it in settings but that seems to have been removed.

Could someone explain what the ToBlob thing is please? And could the DA staff try to put the settings icon change back or something please?

(It's just a suggestion, I'm not demanding anything) :)

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sandapolla General Artist

Hello! I know that your one of the programmer or staff that works on DA! I had send in a ticket a week ago about a glitch..but I'm not sure that the ticket got to you guys since I didn't hear anything back and it seem the glitch is still there!

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How did I get here? Does this give me significance to why I’m here?

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MaSi-83Hobbyist Digital Artist

I also got here without realizing how. I was on a featured post from the team and the site was loading so slow that I must have clicked a suggested simlar post by accident.

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Yeah it felt like this specific website was shown my screen without me going to it.

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Dodeca19Student Digital Artist

It's practically impossible to search because categories were removed..

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This whole website is now just doomed Staff you did a terrible job And can go suck the people trying to defend eclipses ass Sometimes a site doesn't need any change cause it was that good and perfect how it was Listen to your community but you won't cause you Bitches only response to the very small minority of people who like it Listen to the majority of your community you bunch of Fucking Bitches go fuck yourselves Staff you've fucked your website up. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕
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You guys suck
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KelmenHobbyist Traditional Artist

This site is flat out broken. Staff literally fucked up with this one by forcing unfinished product that is so bad that people are leaving despite the whole community stating time and time again how they hate it. This journal is just... Insulting.

Also just stop saying "you are listening" or "accepting feedback" when it is a clear lie with the fact how little the staff cares about the community.

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Karren-sanStudent General Artist

The stats should be fixed. It doesn't show current amount of views and other things but the one from 2 days ago. Also on stats there was an information that I have 39 views on one drawing. I check the drawing, and it has only 29 views

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BlackRoomPhotoHobbyist Photographer

The site is completely and utterly useless because of the forced infinite scrolling. I can't get to my art or anyone else's. If paging isn't restores (why even have that option in the settings), I'm done. What's the point of having all this art if no one can get to it.

Just mind-boggling terrible UX.

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im the only one starting to think that the team isn't doing ANYTHING to fix the site they screwed up it's been over 3 weeks and the site is still shit and we have gotten 1 thing that says that they're working on the site but it seems that they more into posting to other sites over fixing theirs leaving this unusable beta for us to use, and not admitting that they messed up big time, and their users were right. the 20 year old coding was better then this site i want to use a pages with 24 things on it and go to another on and NOT A F$&@ING ENDLESS PAGE WITH ALL THE THINGS I FAVED ON. i want numbers showing me how many things i have in my watch and the a useless blue dot, being able to post journals status updates without click the submit button now in its STUPID NEW LOCATION, AND WHY ARE THERE 2 HOME BUTTONS, and why does search and drag and drop with their own pop-up. HEY TEAM IF YOU WANTED TO HAVE A PROFESSIONAL LOOKING SITE YOU GET A F--------. You got rid of many things your users loved and replaced them with a like comment thing WHICH I HATE THE MOST MY COMMENTS ARE GETTING MORE LIKE THEN FAVS ON MY ART ON A ART SHARING SITE. The downgrade wasn't even ready to be taken OUT OF BETA and you thought "hey eclipse is 8% done so lets force it on all our user and not do anything when they point out all the flaws, bugs, and lets post art on other sites what work better then our own site." cause that's what i'm and maybe some other users are starting to think. YOU MADE THE CHOOSE TO CHANGE YOUR SITE AT THE WORST TIME FOR CHANGE BECAUSE OF COVID-19 YOU COULD HAVE WAITED AND DID MORE WORK AT FIXING ECLIPSE BEFORE FORCING IT ON USE OR REALLY LOOKED HARD AT IT, OR EVEN BETTER ASKED YOUR USERS WHAT THEY HATED ABOUT IT TO MAKE IT BETTER THEN THIS SAD PIECE OF SHIT YOU MADE YOUR SITE. I cant see how many thing i have to search through to find what i'm looking for, and i cant look and see other things like what i'm looking at. Watch is the biggest mess you have caused the whole damn thing NEEDS a full redo. wait forgot just watch needing a redo THE WHOLE DAMN SITE NEEDS ONE.

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ekudProfessional Digital Artist

Hey man. We are working. Your daily comments harassing me here and on my user page are not expediting that work or accomplishing anything. Updates will come from the team account.

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Megasog1870Professional Digital Artist

i have being submit feedback and bug reports when needed

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Hey you deserve every bit coming your way with the decision to Introduce Eclipse have fun with the harassment and people using you as a doormat you done fucked up and you are paying for it no one likes Eclipse you deserve all that's coming your way go suck Admin Dick and keep trying to defend Shitclipse only making you look worse
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I’m sorry it’s just with the forced changes on my life because of covid-19 I didn't anymore changes tile it was over. But watch needs the numbers back and can you please give user pages click though pages and favs too with more like link back please

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hiddenevilHobbyist Digital Artist

So can I expect the new website to be updated again, to a point where it is as usable as the old site? Only since the change over, I've been thinking of making 'a clean start' by closing my account and moving to a new website.

I thought the idea of an update, was to improve on something, not to actually make it worse.

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