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Illustration: Justin Maller
Client: Rich Soil

Design commissioned by Rich Soil Clothing for their summer collection.

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© 2010 - 2021 ekud
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Great collection of fabulous artwork on this site. How can I buy the images in original form, from the artists, to use for various purposes? There are plenty of images herre that I could use.

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This is amazing, I love it.
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epic wolf, 10/10 :D (Y)
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I wanted to let you know that someone is trying to sell this image on a cell phone theme without your permission, or the permission of your client:


This person seems to have stolen a large amount of artwork from around the net and is trying to sell them on Nokia Ovi store.

As a fellow artist and a hater of art thieves, I wanted to let you know.
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thanks for the heads up!
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~ i'm not one for wolf pix but this has a real ethereal sense of mysticism. colors are minimal fantasico.
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Yep, there's the background I've been looking for. Amazing pic.
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very nice ekud! I used it in my latest sceenshot :)

thanks for the nice wall!
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My boyfriend is going to love this! :D
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WOW, that is just stunning. You rock!!
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awaken the passion that is the animal instinct -- later days
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damn nice t-shirt design. i definitely gotta get busy on my shit soon! thumbz up award.:iconthumbsupplz:
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good job!! i can see a couple more eyes in there other than the obvious wolves eyes was that intentional??
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It sure wasnt accidental :)
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Hey I am a sleepy bored wolf, what can I do ? Eat rabbits ? yeah right !
Leave me alone...no wait...ok go...


Nice toxic green :)
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"This would definitely look good on shirt. Love the quality.
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Cheers mate!
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Now that could be a wolf tshirt, as long as there are 3 of them. And maybe a moon.
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It's definitely missing a moon.
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