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Made the artwork for Koan Sound's "Dynasty" EP. Super fun collaboration! The album is great, check it out.

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One of the best cover artworks for one of the best EPs.
Zahang's avatar
Wallpaper godd!
Zesty-Aardvarks's avatar
a great cover for great music, it fits KOAN Sound 
Odyssey8's avatar
Gorgeous work :clap: 
Jagged yet smooth :) 
It kind of looks like glitchy glass-art.
NYANiXXX's avatar
you did really a good job! I love Koan sound :3
Jovy93's avatar
nickStar1's avatar
I love KOAN sound!!

+Amazing art to match the amazing music! :D
How is something like this made? What programs are involved? 
RedMax88's avatar
incredible awesome
LinkinDnB's avatar
Holy cow, you made this? Fuck yea. Great job man!!!
appa-appa-away's avatar
This looks awesome! :)
Lazaritas's avatar
I was like "Whaaaaat?!"
When I got the EP I was like "I know this style somewhere from"

This is sick ! 
KPEKEP's avatar
welcome back !
Shorjok's avatar
First Reso and now KOAN, which awesome musician are you gonna do awesome art for next?
Lovely stuff as always.
KieranThePanda's avatar
He didn't do art for either of them, he did them first, then they purchased them at a later date, same goes for the amazing duo Meta.
ekud's avatar
Actually you're off the mark there. KOAN and Reso both commissioned their pieces. Don't know where you got that impression from.
KieranThePanda's avatar
Ah, I had no idea; I was told that about the piece Reso used due to Joe Ford having used the same kind of thing from you and assumed the KOAN image was one of the older facet pieces. My most sincere apologies, sir!
ekud's avatar
Joe Ford licensed an existing one, as did Gemini (who subsequently introduced me to Joe). KOAN, Reso and Meta were all originals.
KieranThePanda's avatar
Thank you for the info, and my apologies again!
Shorjok's avatar
Are you sure? It seems very much like they commissioned him, but if you say so.
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