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Remixing Matei for depthCORE XXXIV - IDIO.

His original piece struck a really deep chord in me, and adapting it felt awesome.
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Killeidoscope's avatar
I see faces in this o.o It's just awesome! And it must've taken forever.
radecke's avatar
I don't suppose there's a chance for a 1920*1200 version? :)
notoriaz's avatar
That is breath taking creative wise. THIS IS ART. Great work both.
TiM3SH1FT's avatar
when i scroll threw it, my monitor gets darker...
theory6-brian's avatar
whoa that's awesome!
Lacelette's avatar
You know, this fractal is so brilliantly made that by the time I could tear my eyes away from it, it hurts from the sudden change of color. :omg: I could see a man, a chicken and a weird looking shark in that blast but I think that if I dare to look any longer my mind would explode itself. ;P

I love how even though the objects (if could say they're objects) look invisible, I love the clear and strong contrast and especially how everything is positioned in a crashing and wild manner. That is very genius of you. To me, this design provokes a feeling of awareness and a sense to be different.

I'm highly impressed by it. Absolutely amazing work. :clap:
CHIN2OFF's avatar
got to pop up the BIG question HOW???
Fira21's avatar
I like how it has the feel of a shattered mind. Reminds me almost of a headache turned into something beautiful. It looks like sound personified... Absolutely amazing.
This is going to be my new laptop bg.
KakaIru-luver's avatar
wow, i really can't wrap my head around this one, it just so complicated
ekud's avatar
Thanks for your comments, appreciated.
KakaIru-luver's avatar
your very welcome, your art is the best digital stuff i've seen in a while ^^
JesseLax's avatar
Really mind-blowing. I was mouth-agape at the first view. Particularly well done.

...So easy to get lost in taking in all the details of this one. :nod:
ekud's avatar
Check out the original too, simply amazing.
99thbone's avatar
play with the mind -- and see the beauty of the imagination -- later days
XoXNekoHime's avatar
very special and unique! :)
alphakx's avatar
This is like a bundle of coolness strewn about. the magenta accents mixed in with the swirly stuff compliments the busy-ness. The high-contrast was a good design choice, too. Great job!
Den-drite's avatar
Oh, my! :clap: :dance: Powerful statements visually conveyed... eye candy! :granny: :heart:
DeltaSpartan634's avatar
Incredible, the dark colors and the randomness makes me think of this deviation as chaos.
shiftform's avatar
It looks nice but as wallpaper? I think you can lost your icons in this abstract piece :D
milktoday's avatar
Definitely looks like it's from a much darker mind. Nice work with the colours in this version.
endemo's avatar
awesome stuff
Exhale-NL's avatar
sick collaboration guys. I like it alots
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