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Artwork for Track 2 from "VOLUMN" by Book Club!

Listen free on SoundCloud or Spotify!

Did I mention I just started as Chief Creative Officer for deviantART? Exciting times ahead!
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Found this through Deviantart Eclipse Login!

I love it 

it looks like the chaotic center of an invinite void..

"At the edge of the universe, I stared into the infinite deep. It stared back, and was pleased." - Emperor Calus 
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GLORIOUS. I feel like I'm looking at the heart of some kind of void. Clap Love La la la la 
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Thanks man!
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this looks amazing mate. I love the light and the softness to it, which creates a nice depth. Btw: Congrats on your new position.
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Thanks man! Like I cryptically said a while ago, would be great to connect soon and catch up on the last few years.
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This was your best art from all the years I've known you, welp also maybe the Google Pixel job, the Facets, the Star Wars stuff :-D
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Love the colors. Perfect mood! Chief Creative Officer for deviantART!!?!?!? Congrats! What was this made using?
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Thanks! Primarily Cinema4D.
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