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Justin Maller and Ari Wenkle for Depthcore XLIII - "TIME".

This piece explores the relationship between the individual and their place in time. Ideas of eternal recurrence and reincarnation are suggested.

Please check out the Chapter and let me know what you think!
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Hi Justin, how long!
Man where you pick your inspiration from? Awesome job.
Somehow it makes me think in this as a CD cover for NIN or some minimalist nice sound band! lol!

See ya!
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Hey! Thanks for the kind words, so nice to hear from you! I miss your pixel art, I tried to get you in DC for ages, haha.
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Hi Justin. you right It's been a long time since my last pixel I don't even remember, lol. As my english sucks, I didn't understood what is DC that you mentioned? lol... Anyway, love your new works man. Congrats again!
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very amazing! :)
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looks awesome!
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great work!!!
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I love love this good shapes. :)
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fantastic work!
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fucking cool collab guys
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this is one of my favs in the pack. sick work, you both should do more collabs :D
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oh that's beautiful! well done
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Fucking ballin, dude. Both of you did so well on this. The sense of minimalism mixed with the complexity of the illustration make for a really interesting juxtaposition. I think I could have done without the repeated face in the bottom-left, though. Since faces are natural ways of drawing a viewer's focus, having two faces is an odd splitting of my concentration. But yeah, this rocks.
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Justin you excelled yourself on this release, very excited as to where you'll go from here creatively.
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Really amazing, I've always wanted to see a collaboration between a 3d artist like you and a-scend. Amazing work! Any possible way to get a "walkthrough" like you have on Harrison's piece "Every 2ND Counts"? I would love to see the way this piece were made.

Creds to you ekud, you've made amazing pieces this pack, and not only that, but 'wallpapers' as-well, and they're different so it would easily fit my desktop depending on my mood. Thanks!
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"Really great collab.
fmacmanus's avatar
Great work on this one, really cool collab.
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