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An official wallpaper commissioned for the new Alien vs Predator 2 movie.

It was kinda fun working with the real Alien :) Check out more on Superlover; still plenty of otherwise unreleased work available for your visual pleasure!
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© 2007 - 2021 ekud
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don't like druggies

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what on earth are you talking about?

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And you bet they're on earth you just don't know it but don't expect you to know that either fuck this Xenoshit no offense to your art mate it's the Xenos I'm talking of , motherfuckers.
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Xenoshite mate what do you think

this one look amazing

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Creepy… The ultimate death machine.
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there is only one word to discribe...

F A B U L O U S!!!
F2U Red Rose 
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Very good. Better then original.
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Such amazing artwork man, wow! This is stunning!
Chapeau bas! on croirait qu'il va bouger et vous attraper!
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This is so wonderful..
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WOW it looks so life-like !!
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Wow nice work!
Yikes is that like the alien spaceman strapped to that machine how does u draw the see thru 
Plastic stuff yeah
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OMG i will <3 Alien forever! I loved the cool!
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I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!
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