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I was recently posed a philosophical question: If you were approached by a person who offered to plug you into a machine that would generate a false reality where your life is much better, much happier, and much easier, and more so, you would be unaware that you were in a false reality, would you plug in?

Tough question. It would be nice to life the easy life, wouldn't it? Oh, right, I already am. I'm literate, I have a computer, I'm able to go to a college through scrupulous saving of money and loans, but at the end of the day, I don't have to wonder when or if I will have another meal. I don't need to worry about elemental exposure. I don't need to worry about disease and disease carrying rodents.

Thought on it some more and decided that living a perfectly happy life would actually suck. Many people would like it, but its not for me. I enjoy a challenge, I like getting knocked down. Not sure if that makes me a masochist or not, but its all about recovering from the blow. Life without pain would be utterly boring. It would be... wrong. How can one live without pain. Everyone knows it, everyone feels it. Its a part of being alive. A vital part of being alive. Broken bones-lessons learned. Broken hearts-lessons learned. Lost friends, family-lessons learned. Not all pain is bad. There is the niggling pain you get after an amazingly satisfying, perfect event in your life. The pain that you know you may never feel so good again. I would miss all of it.

After all, what is life, if not a lesson in pain?


Today... I am... Hungry


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