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The Lady Awaits

Finally something new :boogie:

Edit: Punched up some colors and minor tweaks :)

This one is sized at 1280x800

I also have it packed in two downloadable versions:

1. Widescreen version - 1680x1050 and 1440x900 - Download Pack 1
2. Non-widescreen version - 1280x1024 and 1024x768 - Download Pack 2

Enjoy :)
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This is one of the most beautiful vector pieces ever produced and posted on DA. It's a shame the download links for the higher res version no longer exists after 12 years!
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Very nice, great wallpaper.
Oh, my. Perfectly done! :+favlove:
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I like your style !
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woops forgot the

nice after very

anyways its nice :)
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Brooks fan huh?
this is very
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thats whats up. your very talented
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(Breath taking art) u r talented amazing!¡!¡!¡ :heart: !¡!¡!¡
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It's awesome!! *Squeals* I really love the colors :D And the design and everything else too XD
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:+fav splendid :)
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Very elegant, I love the crispness of the design.
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It's brilliant, just can't take my eyes off it! Thank you for sharig your talant with us!
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Just to let you know, I've had this on my desktop since you uploaded it, I need a new one!

Stay sharp
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how simplistic and pretty :)
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Love your work! What program?
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I love the mountains more than anything...they give it such...depth. But your color choice really sells the deal. Love love love it!

Sorry that this comment and fav is so far behind, but it's been crazy. Always so good to see new artistic and creative things from you. :)
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Thanks very much for sharing your thoughts on what you like about this, and the compliments are always most appreciated my friend :)

Speaking of crazy... yeah things have been pretty wild on this side too in terms of events and such! Hope all is well on your end :nod:
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LOVE the background, the colours, the detail, just everything!
Nice work - keep doing what you're doing :)
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Beautiful Theresa, thank you so very much for the very kind words on this :hug:
Hopefully more ideas of this sort will be visiting my mind again :)
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Oooh, nice detail work. -^ ^- I love the boat and lantern in the background. Very cool touch. Great job!
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Hey you :glomp: Thanks so very much, this one was a lot of fun to do, hopefully there'll be more in the same vein :)
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