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The Hall of Mystery

Something a little different from the usual.

My mind is still traveling endlessly within a faraway mystical realm, and I'm not sure that it wants to leave just yet. Once you've began the journey to go deep inside a place rarely explored, is there really a way out?

But then, are you really looking for a way out at all?
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jingy-cold-summer's avatar
beautiful illusion, nice use of clean shapes and colours

ekster's avatar
Thanks so very much for sharing your thoughts on this dear :hug:
Zweetchuck's avatar
youre a magician with teh vector :D
:clap: :clap: :clap:
ekster's avatar
I am quite flattered and honored :)
Thanks so very much!
Zweetchuck's avatar
:ahoy: eeerrrr. cheers mate
ink-brains2's avatar
wow... that's beautiful.. the whole image is really enshrouded in mystery with the use of colours and depths and that deep purple hue... the silhoutte... i almost feel like i'm there!
ekster's avatar
Thank you so much for such lovely words :) The kind support is always appreciated :hug:
I swear, that deep purple hue is becoming my friend :giggle:
Heartburn-Aching's avatar
I like the fat that the hallway is never ending or it seems to be. It's a great detail :)
ekster's avatar
Thanks so much :glomp:

Infinite hallways are always fun, just don't you get stuck in one!

Hey... that rhymed :XD: hahaha
anjali's avatar
Mystical ambiance :nod:
I love the way you use gradients and light effect, very well executed!
ekster's avatar
Thank you so much dear :hug:
I'm glad that you've enjoyed it :)
Beachblonde's avatar
Wow, this is amazing! I love it! What a wonderful piece! =D
ekster's avatar
Thanks so very much :hug: Glad you like it my dear :blowkiss:
paintmepinkshop's avatar
Love the deep colors, wonderful! :clap:

ahh this is great i think its one of my favourites. i love the soft colours, and the ambiance. well done :D
ekster's avatar
Thank you so very much :hug: I have a feeling I'll be making more similar styled pieces to this one :D
Giver's avatar
Oh my...this is very beautiful, ekster. -^ ^- The shadows and light seem like their dancing...or fighting. Either way it looks awesome. The colors are so perfect too. The 'mystery' theme is defiintely represented by the maroon. Nice description also. ^ ^
ekster's avatar
Thank you so very much for the lovely comments as always :hug: I really like your interpretation of the scenery about the light and shadow :D
Giver's avatar
You're welcome very much. :hug: I'm glad.
trinkster's avatar
omg :faint: :D I love this..
ekster's avatar
Aww thanks so much dear! :glomp: :D
xOxChrystalxOx's avatar
Interesting......... nicely done :)
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