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First batch of sample commissions.

Zyph Simple by Eksarahn Chia Simple by Eksarahn MysteriousKaos Simple by Eksarahn Fran Simple by Eksarahn

This time, sketchy-style icons for Scuterr PsyDoktor​ & @franstasm
Figured I might as well talk about it here as well as Twitter.

Lately, I've been getting requests to be notified when I start posting my webcomic, so I've been putting things together to help me keep track of people and stuff.

So, I'll be drafting the announcement journal.  And, if you want to know when the webcomic lands on the internet, I can add your username to the journal.  This way the webcomic announcement will land into your mentions notifications and you'll be sure not to miss it!

Alternatively, I can add you to a private Twitter list of people I can mention.  All you'd have to do is like this tweet here =>…

Which horn style(s) would look cool on Eksarahn?
01 by Eksarahn 02 by Eksarahn 03 by Eksarahn 04 by Eksarahn 05 by Eksarahn 06 by Eksarahn 07 by Eksarahn 08 by Eksarahn 09 by Eksarahn 10 by Eksarahn 11 by Eksarahn 12 by Eksarahn
Stream171117 by Eksarahn

This time: we’ll be venturing into the endless & shifting caves to find ultimate treasure in Spelunky, fighting off aliens in a global revolution in XCOM 2, and a little surprise game if you watch to the end~♫
Patreon 3 by Eksarahn
001-17111511 by Eksarahn

Is your spidey sense tingling?  Kinda bored working off stream and I want to share my latest monster design. 🕷

Gonna be a special casual stream for Black Friday.

If I can manage, I'll stream several times today.

My friend calideir is holding a raffle, here's a link to it~
<da:thumb id="714181212"/>
This raffle will also have 2 winners!  So share it around and enter, too!!

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If there is anything you think is missing please note me
This is a persistent journal, for when I want to draw something interesting~♫

Things I can draw:

Some aliens

Things I have difficulty or have little experience in drawing:


Things I won't draw:

NSFW, never ever, no exceptions
Fetishes, especially the sort that arouses or of a sexual nature
Universally offensive material

There may be stuff not listed here of things I can, won't, or have difficultly in drawing and will be updated accordingly.

If you feel compelled to challenge me, pick something that I have difficulty with.  I'll keep an eye out for those just as much as those I enjoy drawing regularly

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