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Riven vs Talon
Part 1 here:
Source for pic: (..there is surprisingly little art of these two fighting...)
For those of you following along, I've decided to add a bit of a header, to make you aware of what was happening outside of mid lane. The blue side team is Lux mid, Riven top, Ashe & Leona bot (one of my favorite lanes btw), and Udyr jungle. The purple side team is Talon mid, Irelia top, Blitzcrank & Ezreal bot, and Malphite jungle. Because Udyr was planning on starting Elder Lizard, he was able to meet Ashe and Leona and secure the purple team's blue buff. He then continued to his own red, and successfully ganked Irelia top lane, giving Riven the second kill of the game. This was a huge advantage, and allowed her to control her lane and kill Irelia a second time, unlocking her ultimate just before Talon got his
:iconekramer65:ekramer65 0 0
Lux vs Talon
The champions stepped forward on to the transport as the last few seconds of "champion select" counted down. Lux was nervous. She was picked for mid lane, and picked early. As a result an opposing summoner had chosen Talon to represent them on the Rift. Quick, deadly, and relentless, facing him alone meant this match would be difficult.
"Hey, lighten up" a voice says to her. Lux turns to face Riven, the latest addition to the league, who continues "It's just Talon. If he gets too hard to deal with, I'll come down and put him in his place."
Riven wasn't looking at her though, staring, a million miles away, at the ground to the right of Lux's feet. This would be Riven's first match against Talon since her league judgement, and she looked as nervous as Lux felt.
Lux giggled, "Thanks." wondering if Riven knew what her abilities were.
Riven looked up, and for a second came back from whatever distant land she was in, just long enough to crack a smile.
Suddenly, they were on the Rift. Lux qui
:iconekramer65:ekramer65 1 0
The Time of Doubt by ekramer65 The Time of Doubt :iconekramer65:ekramer65 1 0 Leaguemon #4 Zedsharp (Bisharp +Zed) by ekramer65 Leaguemon #4 Zedsharp (Bisharp +Zed) :iconekramer65:ekramer65 2 0 Leaguemon #3 Mr. Shaco (Mr. Mime + Shaco) by ekramer65 Leaguemon #3 Mr. Shaco (Mr. Mime + Shaco) :iconekramer65:ekramer65 3 0 Leaguemon- Artinivia by ekramer65 Leaguemon- Artinivia :iconekramer65:ekramer65 3 0 Leaguemon- Rammuslash by ekramer65 Leaguemon- Rammuslash :iconekramer65:ekramer65 4 2 Drawing Final by ekramer65 Drawing Final :iconekramer65:ekramer65 1 0


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Why am I so impatient lately? It seems like the first time I make a mistake or the first time something can't be done the way I want it to, my reaction is to just give up on it... 


what happened to the kid who could spend whole afternoons drawing away?



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I am a learning artist. While I have been told I have talent, it's very rough, and needs, for lack of a better word, a "fuckton" of refinement. At least I think so anyway. Which is why my major is Digital Arts and Science. Plenty of art, plenty of computer, and plenty of SCIENCE!!! Best of all, I'm in Clarkson University, and this program has been labeled the "Best in the Nation" twice.

When I get out of college I hope to enter the wondrous field of Gaming, and possibly help the advancement of AI, both in game, and out, because lets face it, our teammates could use less bullets in the back of their skulls...

Anyway, right now you'll start to see more artwork as I find the time in-between classes, homework, projects, and sleep to get to a scanner. Hopefully it will improve as I go along.



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