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1) What's the most delicious food you ever eaten?

= siagian

2) What's your favourite movie?

= too many

3) What kinds of work would you recommend to put in a portfolio in order to get a job at UDON?

= game char illustration

4) Will you be offering commissions on Deviant art?

= maybe, if I had plenty of times

5) Who's your favourite Rival Schools character?

= forget the name of all chars

6) Are you part of a conspiracy?

= maybe

7) How long have you been drawing? How much did you/do you practice?

= maybe since I've been able to grap a pencil, I've begun attracted by drawing since my imagination grew wild ;p

8) When you go to Conventions do you ever slip out of your booth to check other peoples art out?
= of course

9) Why are you commissions so darn expensive?

= says who?

10) How's Indonesia this time of year?

= same old...too much riots

11) What is your favourite thing to draw?

= depend on the mood

12) Do you plan to come to Asia?

= where? be more specifics

13) What do you think of Christmas:
a) Religious holiday which you don't participate in,
b) commercialized holiday which is disgustingly greedy,
c) family time for really being close to those you love again?

= hmm... christmas is something weird, lately I feel something emotionally hollow when christmas come...

14) This is probably a repeat but when will you be taking commissions again?

= same answer

15) Have you ever inked with a brush, if so do you find it easier than a pen?

= nope, brush is much difficult

16) If you took uppers and downers, would you be neutral?

= Seems like a fair assumption, however I take neither, so it's cheaper.

17) Would it bother you if your fans spoke to you on Facebook, and wished you happy birthday?

= this such a cheap question....

18) Have you ever thought of putting out an art book?

= later, when my art became more interresting

19) Would you ever work on a Transformers comic?

= Not a chance, mecha is not my style

20) Have you ever met someone with more than 10 fingers?

= yes 20 fingers

21) What do you think of the new Skyline?

= what is "skyline" some trading card company?

22) Do you prefer colouring, or drawing?

= colouring after drawing....
  • Listening to: computer humming
  • Reading: word
  • Watching: lcd benq
  • Playing: keyboard
  • Eating: dirt on teeth
  • Drinking: saliva
ekoyagami Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008
ah, jgn ngomongin harga terang2an ach....malu jadinya....:blushes:
service + + nya biasa...dapet barang mesum.... wikikikiki :D
omupied Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
RC said: Ko buka komisi?? harga lo berapa??


ada service plus plusnyah gak??
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Submitted on
December 19, 2008