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Technology once again make a dispute in art.
Just like about hundred years ago, when scientist found camera.
Great debate on art definition happen unavoidable.
Some people agree photograph is art, the other doesn't.
Now, people debating about digital art. There is a very thin line about the originality and fake one's. Even bigger problem between tracing art and manipulation photo. This case is hazier...
So, how about the conclusion about these great debate? Investigation on specific suspect instead making more question without final answer. The truth is base only by testimonial, local domain testimonial become more valid.
Because this community is growing fast all over the world, everything can be more suspicious.
But don't worry, you can have some of truth test about it :
1. Look's about the other testimonial
2. Be more keen about good illustration, design, artwork
3. Don't be too naive, hey! art is NOT that original
4. at last but most important...Traditional art can be appraise the ability of the artist!

Be more open minded suspicious people, don't judge everything by feeling without fact.
Those art fakers can be striped out if the proof is enough and they living ashamed, that day will come !!
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Judgess Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2008
ngga da yg original kecuali hidup itu sendiri :|
ekoyagami Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008
iya seh, bahkan kalo gue sih... sah2 aja, nipu umur, nipu jenis kelamin, nipu karya, over painting, photo manipulator everything. Ada tuh artis luar terkenal banget gara2 nipu semua yang gue tulis... Lagian ntar juga kan ada yang kurang kerjaaan trus selidik menyelidik... namanya juga usaha, cuma ya itu susahnya, mensatu pikirankan orang idealis sama industrialis
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Submitted on
December 15, 2008