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Monster Hunter

By ekoputeh
Monster hunter fan art

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© 2009 - 2021 ekoputeh
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Outstanding piece of work. Bravo
Thetrumark's avatar
Who is exited for World ???
IcetheWarriorMage's avatar
Wow! That is so... Epic! Good job! Praises and more praises! CX
blu35ky16's avatar
how did you do the smoke?
Drak8Hunt6r's avatar
Greetings fellow hunter, 

I added this awesome fan art to the Monster Hunter Fan art album:…

Good hunting and thank you for making an awesome artwork!


Capcom Monster Hunter Community Manager 
Axel-D's avatar
what equipment is that?
buried-legacy's avatar
Rathalos armor gunslyer variant woth rathalos heavy bowgun
cronus1212's avatar
This is just awesome.

barroth101's avatar
Wow... That´s amazing!!!
nusa-shima's avatar
awesome! I wish I could draw like that
kartron's avatar
just awesome
dragonheart07's avatar
Oh, how much I hate this series since it's an RPG.
ofnir123's avatar
you're gonna get on EVERY monster hunter picture just to say that?
dragonheart07's avatar
Yes and not to mention that the Monster Hunter series is for idiots.
Pyrals's avatar
And I'm assuming Call of Duty is the freaking best right?
dragonheart07's avatar
Anything is better than this abomination known as Monster Hunter.
Pyrals's avatar
Yeah... And why do you go along and just comment bad things on art of the game? I mean seriously, I think you have some sort of self-esteem issue here so you feel empowered when you badmouth a great piece of artwork just because it's from a game you don't like. 
dragonheart07's avatar
Not to mention that Monster Hunter is an RPG.
Nyahahameha's avatar
Wouldn't you be happier focusing on things you like instead of things you don't like? ^_^
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LOL just LOOOOL xD this art is awesome! and lol never see that bow style in the game before >_> is a fan weapon?
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buried-legacy's avatar
Indeed you can tell that the artist really put blood sweat and tears into it and it shows. 
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that pic is amazing i wish i could draw something like that your making me jelous
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