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under a trace
fallen crumbs
choking on limbs
vacant stares
faltering logic
twin blankets
idle badges
murder slapped across your face
ego on the case
laugh and left
slip under a trace
control the void
stoke the fire
cut up secrets
dancing on the clouds
what's been done?
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When it rains... by eklipzed When it rains... :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 1 0 Spooks by eklipzed Spooks :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 0 2 A Face in the Crowd by eklipzed A Face in the Crowd :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 1 0
In Ignorant Worlds
we've done our living in ignorant worlds
in these times i can't stand to breathe
all over the streets: despair
all over the world: blank stares
we've bottomed this earth.
claws out
weakened muse...
read the clues...
howling fear through the edges
everything will flood with water blue
either way you turn
you will lose...
we've used all this place
feel the rockets in outer space
surviving is a game we can't afford to play.
it's all in your neighborhoods
the bumper cars
poison cloud days
we got to get out of here...
we've got to blow this place
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Radiohead In Rainbows by eklipzed Radiohead In Rainbows :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 15 13
A Claustrophobic Parade
sail into the fog
between yr ears
a million rotating knives
digested words enter
spat through teeth
it's a dreamer that will save us tonight
save your prizes for another day
this time we're caught in the fray
fanatics in orgy
floating face down the gutter
it's no surprise
piss on the walls
vomit on the inferno
embrace us you cackling witches...
murder the murderers.
share noble
frosted echos
razorblade teethbrush
since when did the rules rule?
tired contact
your orders have arrived
sparkling nightmares
and frantic silence
burst through the windows
are you comfortable?
are hearts affordable?
defaced and ripped apart...
malfunctioned calculations
this is our society.
maladjusted filings
sleep about the town
a cheshire whore
a political vice grip
a claustrophobic parade
black lungd and cck-eyd
misguided naivety
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Stocked Market by eklipzed Stocked Market :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 0 1
In a Dead Dream
this is a flip flop
bitter and war torn
a scenario haunted
pucker up and kiss the dead
     a free fall
into silence
clawing and scratching
where are we headed?
the ghost claps
this is a death trap
the grinning teeth
hear them laughing
seize up and listen to the whip crack
here comes the stretcher van
to turn this night back
to where we weren't taken in
turn your eyes back
stop your panicking.
lost in a dead dream
:iconeklipzed:eklipzed 1 0
Broken Down Air Ships
broken down air ships
stuck to the gutter
turn it inside out
what went wrong?
full of holes...
bones all out...
a skeletal nightmare
rabid apes
cascaded sound
tangled metal
bring this down
tear it out of the ground...
pale and imitated
on the edge of nowhere
inspired and useless
a crushed up afternoon
breathe in the state of things
up through the cracks
and out of the pavement
rise to the occassion
watch it fall from your eyes
hear the drowning on your lips..
a revolution so tired.
we can't leave this alone.
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The Ending Days
where does it all flood in?
the sunrise has melted and gone
poured down the hallways
a familiar song
shatter your eyes
you wont need them
tangle your cries
this frosted echo
it tears at your disguise
put away those rabid thoughts
your hunting claws
it's misery that you plot
a grinning smart ass
a quivering fool
are you lost and in the caves
splinters for legs
are you frigid and foaming at the teeth
no one can save you now
so required?
bleeding through the edges?
so overfed you'll paint the sky red
elaborate worlds so full i can barely breathe
if i let go now
there's no turning back
this is your nightmare
your fancy mistake
what are you to do?
scratching and twitching
salivating and uneven souls
let me out of here
scratching at the ground
swallowed whole
we are the consequence.
pour yourself something to think
weak at the knees
and falling apart
limb from limb
fallen to the ground
ashes to dreams
and silence that screams
these are the ending days
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Flesh Tangled Serenade
in the face of dawn
even night seems less than wicked
like southern trees buried into brunette tresses
bloodied with the mistakes of loneliness
she's all you have
so breathe gently my dear
a swift serenade of cautious breath
caught on a lover's lips
such fragile promises longing to forget one another
caught in such a rabid embrace...
life tangles with flesh that holds up the light
like murmurs of broken whispers upon this frantic plight
take yourself with all that you came with
it's all that you have...
her swaying body filled with train-wrecks
and singing gallantry
swollen eyes
and dancing boulevards...
we pass over snarling serpents
face down in wandering rivers
face up to hell
you've got to get through the water to burn...
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Live With It
i color the sky with my trigger finger
on the edge of nowhere
drowning the clouds with beautiful euphoria
it's punched up angels
masturbating to innocent devils
in this crushed up afternoon...
feel it fall
and as the memories fade
the reality sinks in
when everything hurts.
cars collide in the spotlights
tangled together as the spectators watch
where were you?
and it's all right
she's over the hill
and it's all right
to start over
and it's all right
to be alone again.
i am reasoning through this
fragile paranoia
street lamps interrogate
as the heat rises from the pavement
weeds stabbing at your ankles...
you've got it.
oceans fill you with lies
stars bring tears to your eyes
forget how it all could be
just live with how it is
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Warhol is Dead by eklipzed Warhol is Dead :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 1 4
Mature content
Sex is Murder :iconeklipzed:eklipzed 0 1
My Pleasure Baby
a lonely boat sails in the night
a lonely boy dances around it...
have this your way...
whats the difference?
just laugh about it until the walls come crumbling
just sneer at your insecurities
it's all only love
take it
take it away
all emptied and filled with words untold
emotions unsold
perfection compromised..
so darling,
tell the blind what you see,
scream at deaf lovers
they'll feel more than your alarming beauty can ever express...
repeated lies
and ineffectual history...
splattered crimson vomit,
it bottles itself up in the shadows
boxed in
suffocated and stunted confidence
look me in the eye
and ill kindly tell you that i hate you
it's my pleasure.
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pretty exciting stuff!!  its amazing that its literally been 8 years since i first started submitting works to this website.  thank you to anyone and everyone that has been kind enough to comment/fav/pour kindness into the jargon that falls out of my head.

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United States
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