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Merch Store is now up!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 23, 2018, 4:39 PM
Hi Everyone! I finally have my merch store up! I'm selling Stickers, Postcards and prints, please check it out if you're interested!

Store link:

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Tabling at Armageddon!

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 21, 2018, 6:43 PM
Hi Everyone! Apologies for the inactivity, I've just been super busy working on convention stuff!

I'm going to be tabling on Saturday the 31st of March at Wellington Armageddon as part of the Drawfest table, so if you're attending, I'd love for you to come and say hi!!

I have a speedpaint for some of the merch I'm doing as well as a little more information on what I'm selling here:

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Journal Entry: Sat Dec 23, 2017, 2:42 AM
Hi everyone! I've had an instagram for quite a while now, but always found it a little intimidating and never got around to making use of it- for one of my New Years resolutions, I want to start using it! which I'm starting a little early

I'm still fairly new to the platform, any tips and tricks on really anything at this point is very much appreciated haha; 
I'm figuring it out slowly- is there no way to put working links on image posts? I find that kinda weird. I'm sure I'll get there eventually tho _(:3」∠)_

I hope everyone's enjoying the holidays! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :star:

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Journal Entry: Sat Mar 11, 2017, 4:44 PM
:heart:  :heart:

 Kira launched a patreon!

As his artist, I'm really excited to be involved!! I'll also be contributing to this, so if you have an interest in either Kira or I (or hopefully both) Please consider supporting!

Kira deserves your support with all the amazing content he produces, and this will help him produce even better work! :star:

:heart:  :heart: 

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UTAU Artbook/Zine Applications!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 24, 2017, 5:20 PM
:star: :heart: :heart: :star:

Applications have now closed! Thank you to all the applicants, we got so many!! ;___;

Here's the list of those participating for those who are curious:…

Please look forward to the finished product!

Hi all! Applications for an UTAUloid themed artbook/zine are currently open!

This is more a call to the UTAU community side of my Following on here, but if you have an interest in UTAU and would like to contribute, please consider applying!

As stated, Applications are from now until March 3rd. If you have any questions, feel free to let the tumblr know! Although I don't mind trying to answer here also ;a;/

I'll be contributing myself with mine and my friend's UTAU, I'm really looking forward to it! :star:

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6 Years on dA

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 8, 2017, 3:05 PM

Ahhhh how time flies ;___; I remember my first few uploads on this site and how excited I was to have my ~very own dA acc~ haha. I still adore this site and it's always been a sort of "home base" for me while using social media, I really enjoy using dA still despite it's imperfections.

I had no idea what making an account would lead to at the time of making it. (I was only 14, I think the extent of my plan online was "become popular") and everything from discovering Vocaloid, to participating in the UTAU community, to joining artbooks and growing so so much as an artist, It's all really shaped who I am as a person and where my life is now heading in a super positive way! I'm really thankful.

Thank you very much to anyone who's ever supported me in any way, both big and small. The encouragement I've received here has made such a large impact, really ;____;

Why I create

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 20, 2016, 7:14 PM
I got asked a couple of interesting questions a few nights back, ones I'd never really pondered properly before.
"Why do you draw?"
"What do you feel you gain from it?"
"Would you say it's how you "express" yourself?"

They felt like very easy questions to answer at first. The good ol' generic: "Idk it started as a habit and now it's just a thing I do for fun, I don't think to much of it." was my first answer.
A simple "Yes" to it being a form of expression.
It's the truth, for the most part, but it didn't feel like a very satisfying answer. This is supposedly a very big part of who I consider myself to be, and that's the best I could come up with?

The conversation continued a little and I started to think about what I specifically produce, how and why it looks the way it looks. I think I found something important in that, something which I might have previously overlooked.

While this is something personal to me, maybe sharing it would help someone else think about why it is that they create what they create:

I've always kind of treated art as a process/tool set to make images appear in front of me that I want to see. I create for myself primarily, but I feel what I create isn't so precious that I ever need to keep it private, and enjoy sharing and hearing how it's impacted others.

One of my favorite forms of feedback is hearing someone say I've made them feel the same way the artwork makes me feel. I encourage different interpretations! But my job feels done when I've communicated what the picture makes /me/ feel, and have passed that same feeling onto others.

My favorite feelings are- (Well, I like to hope you can guess from my works) Nostalgia, Warmth, Vulnerability, and I like things to have a sense of timelessness to them in that you could be in that moment for a very long time. I think there's some other things too, but I don't know the words for those feelings yet.
I think I'm starting to know how to express them with art, but time will tell as I evolve more as an artist.
Maybe I'll learn how to put it into words as I refine my skills visually too.

I think this extends to other things too- Feelings being the biggest thing, but also places and experiences I'd like to have/feel myself, maybe even certain smells, textures etc. I'm curious as to how much can be felt through a single sense alone.

To summarize, I feel my goal with what I create is in evoking what I like most about the world in others, and presenting it in a visual format which is the most pleasing to me in the hopes it will both appeal to others visually too.

A form of personal communication in a way- like writing a heartfelt letter but it's also important the letter is on very pretty stationary, I guess?

While I try here and there, I'm not super great with anything angsty or dark, I don't think. At best I can really get into somber artworks, but my joys lie elsewhere. I want to produce things I could enjoy feeling for a long time.
I came across this recently working on something that was against my natural inclinations, but I then turned it INTO something that felt very "Me" and I was very happy with the result, as are those working on the project with me. I learnt something in that about my own artistic voice, which made me very happy.

So I ask You reading this,

"Why do you draw?"
"What do you feel you gain from it?"
"Would you say it's how you "express" yourself?"
and additionally if the answer is "Yes",
"How do you express yourself?"
EDIT: feel free to swap out "draw" for "create" if you're not strictly a visual artist ;0;; I didn't think ahead!! sorry
I'm curious to see if others are feeling the same :star:

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Streaming with friends! (OFFLINE)

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 24, 2016, 6:18 PM ! with :iconchilichizu: and :iconcheesum: !

Baby's first multistream w/ audio

Come chat! I'm working on a rin/len kankan pic:


Comp bluescreens and stream freezing pff but some progress was made! It was fun, thank you for those who came!

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Artbook contests!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 20, 2016, 10:16 PM
There's a couple going on right now so here's a journal to promote all of the really cool Artbook contests happening atm!!

For those of you who might not know what an artbook is, they're anthology projects where artists are published into physical books! Often they're charity projects with the money going to really good causes ;0;;

I'm involved in all of these books as either a contributing artist or a mod, so please take a look at them!

Happy Endings Artbook Contest Closed!!UPDATE 06/27: The contest is now closed! Thank you for participating in this contest! Winners will be chosen within the next day or Thursday (along with some great announcements!!) Thank you all so much again for being a part of this contest!!!
Theme: Love and Friendship
The artwork must focus on finding that one person who lights your way even when everything else seems dark. It can be fantasy related, like the handsome prince saves the beautiful princess. Or something more realistic, like the shy lonely girl finally had a friend. It can also be based off of songs, shows, children's stories, or whatever the artist can think of.
US Letter 8.5” x 11”, 300 dpi, CMYK + include a bleed margin of 3 mm on all sides
- MUST be your own work, FULLY COLORED
- MUST have at least one character in the illustration
- MUST be in full color with a background, b

A little short notice for this contest, but I did make a journal for it back when it was first announced- for anyone who has the time, maybe you'd be interested in the Happy Endings Artbook contest! Only 4 days left!

DayDream Artbook Contest (CLOSED)FAQ | About the Charity | About the Artbook + Guidelines | Artists + Themes | Deadlines
The contest is now closed! Thank you to everyone, who entered!!! :D
EDIT (July 27, 2016): There has been some confusion with the dimensions of the submissions. Each illustration must be 8.5” x 11” (21.59 cm x 27.94 cm or 2550 pixels x 3330 pixels at 300 dpi). In addition to this sizing, there should also be a bleed margin of 3.175 mm (0.125 in. or 37.5 pixels at 300 dpi) on all sides. We hope that this info clears up the confusion.
EDIT (July 27, 2016): Please, ignore the "How to Obtain a Theme" section of Artists + Themes in regards to the contest. you do not need to send us a note to select your theme. Any of the contestants can choose whatever theme they desire,

This one I'm helping run! I'll be trying to contribute prizes (art) personally! 

Infinite Contest- Winner + Runner ups!We have received many beautiful submissions for our contest and it has been difficult to pick a winner. However, the wait is over! Here are the results:
Winner: moukitsu"Antikythera"

"The Antikythera Mechanism is an ancient orrery much alike to the astronomical clock that we know today. It was used to predict astronomical positions for calendrical purposes.  Since it was also used to predict when can people see certain constellations, I used the famous constellation Andromeda, the chained princess, to also represent that the artifact is from the country Greece. The artifact was found on the Antikythera shipwreck thus explaining the sea theme, the pieces of wood, and the silhouette of a shipwreck at the background. You can also see the artifact which is composed of gears and is rusted while buried in the sand."
Runner up: toriily - "Spectrum"

This project is pretty new!! I'm really in love with the theme *___*

Please check out the journals linked for full information on the rules/guidelines for submissions!

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Uniqueness in art

Journal Entry: Mon May 30, 2016, 5:45 PM
I wanted to start a discussion on Uniqueness/Originality in art and talk about my own experiences with it as I feel the results that have played a pretty decent role in my development. I'm not sure fully where I fall in the debate between "MY original (style) du not steel it's my very soul im pouring out here" and "Anyone can rip whoever they want whenever and as much as they like stfu"-
Neither extreme seems very thought out, and while I'm clearly exaggerating both here, I've run into many that seem to believe such versions wholeheartedly.

I'm over 9000 watchers now (insert pic of goku here) and while that's a pretty small following compared to many people, it's much more than I thought I'd ever obtain- (Thank you everyone!) I'm still really shocked there are people that know of me before I've met them, I've even had this happened to me once or twice irl! which is very surreal.

My art style seems to be distinct enough for it to be recognizable, and I guess therefore people remember it? It's always nice to hear "oh, did you do the art for ____?" like yes that's me hi hello

Well above any actual skill I may have with art, I'm complimented on my ~style~ and the "way" I do things more than anything else. that generally was my intention too, I wanted to be a "unique" artist with a special style that was distinct and recognizable.
 (As my less-than-flattering dA journals from when I was 14 would tell you .  I'm glad I've learned to present myself online a little better since...)

I think it's quite a common desire, regardless of how achieveable it truely is.
(I'm sure if I looked hard enough, I could eventually come across a person much like me and the way I do/express things, and I can accept that.) I understand it's also a pretty subjective too- to many I'm probably just another wannabe anime artist, but currently I'm content with the direction I'm heading and the results of such.

It's not without it's concequences too- I've had less-than-legit "companies" reach out to me, becuase my work is so "unique". however, I'm well aware of how there are those out there who try to use artists and haven't done any work for one yet.
As well as the usual tracing, mimickary of style, copying the way I do things and every shade of someone being influenced by me to attempting to be a weird imitation/clone trying to beat me at everything I do.
Not that I'm complaining, I'm well aware this just kind of comes with posting things online and becoming somewhat public with what I spend my time doing. I won't lie- I have had times it's affected me, but on the whole I'm very thankful with how I'm treated online.

I understand why many artists are precious of their art style and art is a very personal thing, I'm not denying this.
But I feel where I differ in perhaps /how/ precious I am with my style, is that I see it as a result of all of my tastes, influences and experiences to the point I don't think even the most dedicated copier could match my works perfectly.
"That's quite a bold statement!" Some might say, but I think people's works are not just copy-able surface aesthetics. They also contain a voice, a showcase of artistic skill and understanding that has to be earned through study, and a person's tastes that are discovered through experience and trying new things.

On top of that, my art style, while recognizable, has and will continue to evolve as I do the same as a person. If someone copies the work I do now, will they continue through all the changes I will slowly but surely make? Maybe I'll change to a point they no longer love the works I do, and stay a copy of a younger version of myself. which is odd to think about.

I believe an artist should attempt to create what they want to see more of. (for me, it tends to be dreamy, warm type scenes) and if others resonate with that and want to create similair things, who am I to stop them? They'll diverge from what I do and make it more theirs with time, or (I mean this in a nice way) waste their own time trying to be someone they're ultimately not. (A someone I'm probably not too- while I do want to consider myself an artist, I'm more than what I showcase publically- I think everyone is, it's impossible to convey everything.)

So that's my 2 cents on the matter- I'm curious what everyone else thinks of "originality/uniqueness" and style, as well as how you personally feel about it and any expereinces you may have had in relation to this.
It's something I see debated quite a lot on this site, I don't think there's really a specific answer on this, as it's really about what people are/aren't comfortable with and how personally attached they are to their own creations. To summarize my feelings, I'd say I'm somewhere in the middle, maybe a little less precious than a lot of people, but it's also not a de-personalized matter for me either. I'd never bite someone's arm off over someone copying me, but it isn't comfortable either.

On another note, Cashew butter is really really tasty. I'd reccomend trying it, I got a jar of it yesterday and it's nearly 1/2 gone. Laptop should also be fixed in the next few days, I'm tired of waiting for it :iconrazycryplz:

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Will be without my computer for a while

Journal Entry: Sun May 15, 2016, 1:49 PM
It's going in for repairs today as the hinge on it is close to broken,  I'm not sure when I'll be getting it back. I'll have access to the internet while I'm at school (A few hours each day) but if I'm slow to respond, sorry!

Oh, and another note- I got my hand/wrist checked out and the doctor told me I'm just working way too hard OTL He said as long as I take some time off, I'll be fine.
I took a week off from drawing as much (working on UTAU and writing more) and I'm doing a lot better. I bought a new mouse, one built to be more supportive and my mom got me one of those boards that tilt upwards (not sure of the exact name) so now what I work on is a little more vertical. Still trying to get into the habit of taking breaks, but I'm doing more stretches and yeah it's working out well for me :iconlazywaveplz: sorry to anyone I might have worried in the other journal.

And Finally, the Project I mentioned a while back (the one I wanted finished for the start of May involving these charas: OC Chibis by Ekkoberry ) To those who are asking me about it, please understand while it's still coming and I'm very excited for it, these setbacks have made it so it's taking a little longer to complete. :iconpapcryplz:

I hope everyone's doing ok! I'll respond as I can. I'm expecting to have my laptop back pretty soon. :heart:

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Drawing too much?

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 26, 2016, 5:52 AM
Writing this journal, wondering if anyone else faces this issue, or has any suggestions on how to help- heck, even just a "yeah I go through this too" is welcome ;a;;

So over the past year, I've gradually been experiencing more and more hand pains when drawing.

At first, it was at the end of a long evening of drawing. I don't know the exact hours, maybe after 4 or 5? Maybe more- I never really kept track. Going that long and then needing to take a break, that's what I consider to be pretty normal I think? (Feel free to let me know if you think otherwise...I'm honestly not too sure about these sorts of things as I only really know my own experiences ;a; )

Now it feels like it takes less than that for the same pains to crop up. It used to be more in the wrist, but now it's more specifically my fingers and it has me concerned. 

I think I have the opposite problem to not drawing enough- that I draw too much. Truthfully, it's my only real hobby, past maybe looking up art tutorials and complaining on twitter LOL Everything I do in my spare time is centered around art- especially now that I don't do much UTAU anymore.
I have ...I guess, anxieties? Around "wasting time" and I find it hard to do things like play video games or watch tv/anime- Really do anything I consider to not contribute to being " I productive artist". It's not so bad I can't take time out and do things, but it's like...finding the motivation to do those things is difficult? idk how to explain it properly. Drawing really is just the most fun to me, and I really want to be a successful artist, it's what I put most of my time into.

I think a good solution for me would be possibly to pick up another skill that doesn't involve gripping a pen. I just gotta find something I like as much as art, or that can benefit my art hah;
Kinda want to get more into writing again- invest time into developing more info about my OCs could be good for that

I'm interested- What do you do outside of art/what are your other hobbies? Do they help your art out at all?

I'm a little worried about seriously damaging my hand, and thought a community of artists would be a good place to start in getting advice. I plan on talking about this with my doctors shortly, especially considering my health conditions and joint pain I get already- it's a little hard to know what's causing this.  I'm pretty sure it's just from working too hard though pff;; I really need to learn how to take breaks.

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Life updates and future plans

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2016, 6:46 PM
Hi Everyone!

Life-wise, things are going really well! I'm attending a design school and I've really settled in to life as a student. It was tough at first, but I've met some really wonderful people and the atmosphere of the school has been so positive! It's feeling home-y already.

:star: I won't be continuing onto graphic design like I originally had planned, as it's not quite what I thought it was going to be. Instead, I'll be taking animation, 3D modelling and filmmaking for the next year! (Starting May, and then going on to March of 2017.)
I think I can get a lot out of it! for 3D, I'm super curious about the rendering process computers use, as the little I've learned about that has benefited my art a lot (occlusion shadows, specularity just in general how a computer breaks the process down really matches with my way of learning about art.) Learning more about animation should improve my stiffness, and filmmaking for composition and storytelling.

:star: This course also has a more relaxed schedule so I'll be able to draw more ;_______;

We started with a 15 week course, and are on our last component, (Web development) now. Most of the class are building portfolio websites, I being one of them! I hope to have it up sometime after it's all finished, in a few weeks. I had my own website a couple of years back (I'm not sure if anyone remembers) mostly for UTAU related stuff, but this one will be an Illustration portfolio site I'll try to keep updated frequently.

:star: Also! Lowkey announcing my next illustration project-( It will have it's own journal once it's completed and ready for sale) I'm currently working on a 24 page illustration book!

(I think that's what it'd be called- there's a story and some text also- an artbook? a storybook? maybe once I post a sample page, you guys could help me know for sure.)
It'll be a day in the life of these 3 charas:  OC Chibis by EkkoberryMy OCs, in the world I've produced a few works for already:
Sunrise by Ekkoberry / Kitchen view by Ekkoberry/ Returning home (speedpaint) by Ekkoberry

 Also the folder for more works here

I plan to sell this work for about 10$USD on Gumroad/some other similar method as a digital DL before the start of my next school course! I have other stories in mind, but this would be more or less an introductory chapter to other stories I plan to tell.  all proceeds will go to a hungry college student in need :thumbsup:

I hope it's all going well with everyone else!! Being a little less active, I feel kinda of out of it :iconlazycryplz: // so come talk to me and tell me how you're doing

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Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 4:06 PM
since the results of the poll were so positive (thank you!), I'll write up an FAQ!


Q:  How old are you?

A: I was born 8th of August 1996, so as of writing this, I'm 19.  It should also be written in the "about" bar on my page, in case you missed it.

Q:  You have an accent! Where are you from?

A: I'm from the North East of England originally, but I moved to New Zealand, so I have a Kiwi-British accent?
Though I also spent 4 years(ish) only talking to friends online (health reasons) and due to their influence, I get mistaken as an American sometimes now, so I guess that makes me a hybrid? (LOL)

Q: Do you have a/an ____ account?

A: I have accounts on most sites! They'll all be under the names "Echoblossom123" or "Ekkoberry". However, the most active is DeviantArt, Twitter and Tumblr. Links to my most active sites have been collected here:

Q: You're both EchoBlossom123 and Ekkoberry?

You' be surprised how many times I get this
A:  Yep. Sorry if the username change confused you. I still use "Echoblossom123" for UTAU related projects, but as an illustrator/anything else, I'd prefer the name "Ekkoberry". Feel free to call me "Echo" still tho!

Q: Is Kimine's voicebank ever getting finished?

A: Probably sometime this year....


Q: Your works look traditional! Are they?

A: Unless I specifically state they are in description of the deviation, No. They're completely digital.

Q: What program do you use?

A: Clip studio paint! Specifically, The Japanese version as it updates a little faster than the English. Manga studio 5 is the name it goes by in the west. I also use Photoshop sometimes for the filters/adjustments/liquify tool.

Q: How do you get your art to look like that?

A: I have a folder of tutorials:…
As well as speedpaints on my YT channel:…
And I constantly share WIPs over on my Art twitter:

 I hope those help answer your question, but if you'd like to know something very specific, feel free to message me and I'll respond as best as I can.

Q: What kind of Tablet do you use?

A: Intuos pro Medium! The special edition one with the cute silver ends ;a;
Q: Canvas size?

A: Changes from picture to picture, I start out at anywhere from 2000px~5000px  @ 300dpi-350dpi  and then crop down to suit the image, and then (depending on the website) export out smaller as a more manageable file size to upload online. I don't really like having the pixels noticeable in my work.

Q: How long have you been drawing?

A: I first picked up one of those  "How to Draw Manga" books when I was 7 or 8 years old. I think I drew before then too though. the Cliche answer is to say "All my life!" but I never really fell out of the habit.

I'd say I stepped up my game midway through 2014 as at that point I decided I really wanted to work hard to become a "professional". Not that I'm there yet, But I started working a lot harder after that point and actually /studying/.

Q: How did you develop your style?

A: Honestly? It didn't come super naturally like a lot of artists say it does for them. It came through experimentation, and really examining the kinds of artworks I like, and making conscious choices to make my works more like that. Also Learning!! Learning about Perspective, How light and form works, how colour works, etc and modifying how I draw to be more technically correct. Fundamentals>>>>Style yo

Q: Who are your Art Idols/What are your Inspirations?

A: Special mention to Hirohiko Araki.....He's been my God ever since I got into JJBA tbh. (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure as a whole is amazing.)

So many here on dA!! I have a little box on my page to link to all my faves. Really any artist I follow has something I really admire.

Inspiration wise- Photography, specifically of villages in Italy/Europe overall and Interiors of houses, Japanese streets and gardens. I really like scrapbooking paper and the whole "vintage" feminine aesthetic. Cute, soft things, and muted warm colours too. It's kind of a "feel" thing, I don't really know how to be super specific on it, but hopefully you get that "feel" from my artworks too.

Q: Do you have any OCs? Can I draw them?

A: A few! (I used to make so many as a kid hah; ) They decorate my page currently and I have a folder dedicated to an upcoming project they'll be featuring in:…

As well as Kimine and Akiharu as UTAUloids:  Akiharu + Kimine (2015) ref by Ekkoberry  old old art

Of course you can draw them! Please show me too, I'd love to see!


Q: You mention you have Health issues?

A: Ya! I have what's known as EDS, or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome,
(specifically Classic/Hypermobility type- tho we're not sure exactly which yet) which effects my joints and messes with a bunch of other things in my body resulting in quite a few problems- the main one being really bad Asthma, which hospitalized me a lot when I was younger. I'm doing a bit better now! But I do still have bad days.
I also bruise super easily and can't walk for very long or I end up in a ton of pain etc, have fatigue and ovary pains etc the list goes on tbh I won't bore you- But basically, I just gotta be more careful than most.

 Also some minor issues with Anxiety but pff

Sometimes it causes me to be unable to draw for longer than I'd like, and honestly that's the more frustrating side of it. However, I've also been given a lot of time out of school and on my own for it too, which has allowed me to become a better's a mixed bag, really.

I'm comfortable mentioning it and even use my experiences with my health as a motif in some of my works- it's not meant to be upsetting at all- sorry if it comes across in such a way!


Will update this as I remember more/more questions are asked- I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff;


Journal Entry: Sun Mar 27, 2016, 3:19 PM

:star:Kira's New Vocaloid Original! The sequel to Kankan!!

I had the honour of the doing the art for it again! :star:

Please go support it!

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Artblock thoughts

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 19, 2016, 8:56 PM
So I wanted to talk a little about "artist's block"/artblock, and how I percieve it. This month's been the first in years that I've been unable to draw what I want, when I want to in a long time, and I have run into a sort of "block" in that sense. (albiet more of a physical one than mental)

I don't fully believe in Artblock.
Not in the same way I used to. I wanted to talk a little about what's changed for me and how I think it may be helpful to others, as a change in perception I feel has benefited my progress.

When I was younger, I used to use artblock as an excuse quite a lot. I felt that the points where I could create more easily were my norm, and the times things were harder was when I had been hit by the dreaded "artblock" and I had to wait until it went away on it's own for me to be able to draw again.
Sometimes, I thought, "oh no! how long is this artblock going to last?" as if it wasn't fixable and beyond my control. I'd wait it out, or wait for inspiration to hit, and then decide if I thought the artblock had "gone" or not. If it hadn't, it was a rinse and repeat procress and a lot of time was wasted not drawing.

Artblock to me is a signal. A sort of "heads up" the brain's trying to tell you something. Artblock is not it's own thing and it doesn't happen without a reason. Working out that reason is the cure to artblock.

:bulletpink: Often, it's that your brain is procressing information, that you're improving as an artist!

Your artwork may look temporarily worse than normal, or you just can't produce anything you like. It happens to us all.
Sycra's got a great video on this process if you haven't seen it already:…

Also with your brain procressing information- I know personally once I've learnt something applicable to my art, incorperating it immediately isn't always easy. It takes a bit of work/problem solving.
Maybe someone would experience this situation and decide they must be facing artblock, becuase art has stopped being as easy as it was before you learnt that thing. With time and perserverance, you'll solve it though! Just give it a little time and keep creating.

MANY times the solution is honestly just to keep at it. Not allowing yourself to stop even if you're not completely feeling it helps build up your resistance to artblock. I hit an artblock now? I try and work out why it's happening, acknowledge that, then go right back to working.

There are other things to consider too though becuase as people we're not just machines in that the only component of being an artist is how well you produce content.
There's also the factor of how you feel when producing it, which I think is seperate to producing the content alone. It's how it feels, vs whether or not it gets done.

:bulletpink: Looking at your personal situation .
How's your mood? What's going on in your life currently that might impact your stress levels? Are you getting enough sleep, enough to eat and drink, is your work environment clean and not a distraction to you? How are things socially? Sometimes these things are enough to where your brain decides "nah" at the idea of creating. Addressing these problems will put yourself more at ease and make it much easier to create.

:bulletpink: Surround yourself with other artists!
Most of the people I'm close with are artists too- ones that are vocal with their learning process and the things they'e working on. Often they're the people who put me in the mood to sit down and work if I'm not really feeling it that day.

:bulletpink: Seeking out other artworks...or not.
This one kinda depends on who you are as a person- for me, I LOVE seeking out amazing artworks and seeing how they're done. Others I know prefer to shy away from exposure to that when they're feeling down, becuase they'll only feel worse. Knowing which one of these you are (or if it changes for you, what mood you're in in that moment) might provide a good method of getting back into the creative groove.

:bulletpink: Absorbing different media for fuel.
Putting this seperately from looking at other artworks becuase this one's more for everyone.  Books, Movies, TV, video games etc whatever you enjoy consuming, go and enjoy it for a while. A lot of that content has been made by other creatives. Exposing yourself to that doesn't have to be a waste- taking a little time out to relax and lose yourself in can be just what you need. Pay attention to the experience and keep an eye out for what you can take away from it.

:bulletpink: Complaining (in moderation.)
This is one of my personal faves. Just a good ol' whine over how you're feeling. I guess this one ties back into surrounding yourself with other artists? but if one of us is having a bad day artistically, talking about the fustration can be comforting. A sort of "yeah I feel you dude" is a nice reminder that it's not a unique problem. 

:bulletpink: Give yourself a break.
Both in the "don't be so hard on yourself" way and in the "walk away from the (digital) canvas for a while" way. For me, If I've taken on a boatload of work, gotten through it and can tell I've lost the artistic spark? I've tired myself out. I'll come back to it in a few days with more energy and be fine.

Running into an artistic block is often a result of a personal situation, so these are just kind of general fixes. Often, as annoying as it is, Time will help solve the issue.  If you can't work out the solution, it'll eventually eleviate itself (most of the time.) But you can save yourself some hassle by knowing yourself and how you work.

Are you currently going through an artblock? What do you do about it when you feel blocked?
I'm curious as to how other people see and approach this ;0; My views kinda changed on it as I experienced the ups and downs of producing content, and this is how I've interpretated how to best approach the downs. What about everyone else?

(Vocaloid Original) KANKAN-DANCIN

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 1, 2016, 1:41 PM

Illustrated for my :iconyusukekira:'s First Vocaloid original! Thank you do much for the oppurtunity bb it sounds amazingggg

Please go check it out/support Kira!

Happy new years!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 31, 2015, 7:55 PM
I think it's still 2015 in American right now, but over here in New Zealand it's 2016! Happy New Years everyone, I hope 2016 goes well for you all! :star:

Just a quick journal to mention my plans for the year, as I think they might have an impact on how my time is spent, and by extention, maybe how my activity is here on dA.

Later this month, I'll be going back to school!
Originally I was supposed to start in August, but due to me having to fund a pair of glasses, it ate into the money I was saving and so we thought it better just to put it back until now. 
(Turns out I really needed them- art's been a lot easier now I can see  properly LOL who'd have thought)

I'll be going into 2 programs, One, a 15 week long prep course, and then another solely focusing on Graphic Design, which will continue until April of 2017. It'll be a busy year!

Hopefully I'll learn a lot of things that will benefit my art- composition, presentation, the skill of doing more with less, all of these I currently feel weak in, but studying Graphic Design will help me out a lot! The course also spends some time on Digital Illustration, which is more up my alley, so I'm very excited.

For those of you who don't know, 2015 was a year I took off from school for health reasons, and so I've had all day every day to draw. It's been fun! but I can't stay NEET forever. But as a result, I may not be posting as frequently as I will have more on my plate.
I don't at all plan on stopping posting, but I might have to slow down if the work load is intense.
Though who knows, depending on the work itself, maybe I could post it here too? I'll make that desicion as I'm presented with the exact projects

What will you be doing this year?
I'm curious about everyone else's plans.
I don't suppose anyone else is part of/is going into a Graphic Design program, are they? if so, I'd love to know what it's been like for you (good or bad) as I'm a little nervous myself;

2015 Reflection and 2016 Goals

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2015, 8:37 PM
Making this journal a little early but as we're already about 1/2 way through the last month of the year, I think it's not TOO soon. I've already worked out what I want from the new year and I've found writing them somewhere public holds me more accountable ;a;

Truthfully, When I set my goals for 2015, I wasn't in a great place emotionally.

I'd set a few goals, but they were goals that weren't so much about where I wanted my art to be, but what I thought would fix my poor emotional state.
(It's very hard to explain this without being too personal, but a lot happened in early 2015- A messy break up, a friend group splitting up, my health officially causing me to quit school with no idea on what I was gonna do in life, Surgery etc NOT THE BEST OF TIMES but it's all been sorted now, everything's back how it should be and I'm no longer feeling as panicked, dw!)

This poor emotional state drove me to make goals that were ok on the surface? but had unhealthy reasons behind them. Such as:

:bulletblue:"I want to be as comfortable with traditional materials as digital materials" becuase I felt I was living too much of my life online, and I was wasting my time becuase of that. If I didn't have physical works to show for myself, I was a worthless artist. 

:bulletblue:"I want to have a full set of OCs and draw them frequently" becuase I wanted to completely cut myself off from/leave behind the people who deep down I love a lot, but wasn't doing too good with.

:bulletblue:"I want to hit 5k watchers on dA" becuase I thought if I had a bigger following I'd be happier with the content I was producing.

Weirdly enough, I've hit those goals?
:bulletpink: I do enjoy watercolours/traditional materials more now, just becuase they're fun to work with!
:bulletpink: I have OCs I enjoy drawing (outside of my utauloids, I mean)
:bulletpink: I hit the 5k mark with my following (thank you all again)

however, I don't agree with any of the reasons/feelings I had behind wanting to hit those goals in the first place. I don't think I'm a worthless artist. The people I love in my life are still with me, and I feel happier with the content I'm producing, but not becuase of the arbitrary goal I'd put on my content's worth.

As I felt better, my idea of what I wanted from the year changed- I ended up just wanting to make the most out of 2015 and be able to say "This year was a good year."  I'm happy I feel I can say that honestly, even with the rough start. :heart:

While I'm not there yet, I feel a little closer to being an adult, and it makes me happy considering age-wise I almost /am/ one- Gonna be 20 in August @___@ byebye adolescence, we had some rough times together. 

2016 Goals

Anyways, enough rambling pfff

For 2016, I have a few goals, all of which I hope to achieve!

(of which have much healthier, rational motivations behind them)

:bulletpink: Mostly I'd like to focus on drawing figures and fixing the issue of stiffness I have when drawing them. I'll still be working on everything else, of course, but much like how a bad test score can bring down an entire grade, I feel like my weakness in drawing the human body brings down the quality of the images I create, so I want to remedy that! 

:bulletpink: I'd also like to be able to render better! and be able to paint faces realistically by the end of the year. I feel as I learn more about facial stucture and the body overall, that should help me out a lot. I like the style I currently draw in, and want to continue with it, but having the ability to do more realistic things I feel is very important and currently I'm really lacking there also. Learning more about the real world will only help out what I do now!

Those are the 2 main goals. I have a few other, smaller ones- like this year, if time allows it, I'd maybe like to produce some content for sale? The doujins I've spent so much money on really have me inspired to create something similair. I'm heading back to school in a month (Graphic design) and I'd like my composition skills to improve as a result, as well as have my health allow me to keep on top of all the upcoming work.

What are your goals for the new year?
Do you set art related goals for yourself at all?
I'm really curious as to what everyone has planned for the new year, and why!
That is, if you've already decided- if you're still working it out, what sorts of things are you thinking of?

I hope 2016 is a good year for everyone! Keep an eye on your motiviations for your new years goals, and make sure they're healthy, satisfying goals :star: