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Piron Kiichigo Kimine *UPDATED*



Finally got around to updating her! :D
old version:

EDIT: there was a slight issure with Kimine's hair- Ironic that the problem was one that I have a tutorial on how to fix XD and an extra bone was there;;

she's fixed now- redownload if you need her working orz

there are a few morechanges than the ones on the picture- like the headband getting a pattern and the sleeves now being 100% equal :la:

:heart: Credits :heart:
Base: Piron piron bikini miku
Front hair/Bangs: Piron Miku- flipped and then tilted a little
Backhair: MMDFakewings18
Headset: Piron Miku
Belt: Ula LAT styled Rin
Skirt: Piron Miku
Armwarmers: Piron Miku
Puffy upper sleeves: LAT WIM Teto
Neckerchief by Komochi
Stockings: Piron Luka
Boots: Piron Miku
Poses: Aisukawaii222
Texture edits: Me <3
main body of angel outfit edited by =kogaan ( and yes, persmission to release was obtained ;w; )

and if you'd like to use a certain part from her, let me know! they aren't my parts, but the changes I made to them are ^^ (the underskirt, neckerchief, frot hair, bows etc)

as with any of my models- All the parts used are editable and re-distributable. Feel free to use, but please send me a link so I can see! ;w;
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You Model update have problems in MMD 9.10 x64 (physics). win7 x64
This red Angel work fine for dance she is so nice.