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LAT Akiharu Kiichigo

By Ekkoberry
Finally finished with the Model hhh
Old one on the left, new design on the right. (I don't think I've shown the full of the Prime's old design hah; )

I ended up losing a lot of progress I had done on him (along with a nearly finished Kimine SOBS) but I've finished him off now- some minor rigging still to deal with but eh

I won't be giving out a public download right now but I can list the parts here as he's a legal edit yeye

Prime parts:

Headset: Ula LAT Teto
Epaulets: Top: Pokeluver223 Bottom: LAT Miku's Skirt
Jabot: Montecore Mokou
Hair: LAT Gogo Koesoko (Permission received from adan-official to edit)
Base: SuminoChan Male LAT Base
Shirt: LAT AP Miku, LAT Miku ( bottom)
Pants: LAT AP Miku
Boots: LAT Miku, LAT AP Miku (Heels)
Buttons: LAT AP Miku

Not sure of where the wings are from anymore, worry ;__;

Prime+ parts are the same for the most part but

Onezie was the LAT base cut and resized/rigged, bottom of the onezie being the old shorts
Top of boots: LAT AP Miku
Lace on boots: LAT13km Tei and Idolm@ ster
Jewel in Jabot, Lace on Onezie: amiamy111

Pose/Edits/Akiharu: Me

I think that's everything ye

now onto Kimineeee
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wow, indeed pretty, gj ~
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so now husband can dance like the gif of him again. hell yes
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gaylord is looking fine
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thank u bby <33
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will we be able to get the model later
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I'll be including the model within their voicebank bonus folder, and possibly a separate download on their site ;v;/ 

all which will be released 27th of July yeye
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I can't wait! I hope to use him in a mmd project
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This looks great! ;7;
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ooooh! so pretty! *u*
a great edit echo! x3
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ps, idk if it is an edit, sorry .w.;
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yeah, it is an edit ;v;b
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