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KEI: Akiharu Kiichigo

By Ekkoberry
The year is 2010

So after a masochistic urge hit me a few nights ago on twitter, I decided to give KEI style another go. my first attempt was back a few years ago I'm not even gonna link here omg it's so off and ick I think I did much better this time around hah

I plan to make matching Kimin and Karas and Ham but that's gonna take a while wheeze
they all need to match for a future thing yes a secret thing

edit: thinned out his linessss it looks better now- idk how noticeable it is tho pff
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i love Akiharu`s look he is my fav utau that you have .
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OH MY GOSH, IT'S KEI!!! //shot
Sorry for my exaggeration, but seriously the style really looks like KEI's, amazing work there! >70b

Comparing to Kei's original artworks and yours, I can't actually tell too much difference from it! As typical with Kei's style, the shading looks astonishingly realistic and the pose looks very nice too! Hm, I wasn't able to share out my opinion with your UTAU's design yet so~ I say your way of designing outfit is very unique and looks very fitting to both Akiharu and Kimine. Honestly I heard them sing and they sounds so amazing that I repeat the songs they sang again and again! I'm sorry that I may be some kind of stalker but I can't help it. Let me hug you! 

Fantastic work as alwaysLlama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
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Ahhh sdfghjh :iconlazycryplz:   thank youuuu omg idek what to say to all this other than I'm flattered :heart::iconbrohugplz:
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Oh goshy washy, I feel so happy yet surprised by your reply Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1]  + there's no need to say more, I think I get the message how flattered you are.
I'm still so happy to hear that, hug

Can't wait to see more of your artworks! \>w</
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When I get enough points, would you be willing to draw my Pitchloid Jimi in this style? :3
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thank you! ;v;

and yeah ofc!
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I didn't know that you can do Kei style! ;o;/
Ekkoberry's avatar
I didn't know either

thank youuu ;u;
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ur improvement tho hhhh(i remember your first try too)
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this looks great omgg
Ekkoberry's avatar
thank youu ;u;
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wow omg what this is so different what omg wow its so smooth??~~ >u> <333
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thank :heart:

it took v long to make smooth omg
I'm such a messy colourist by nature pfffffff
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lmao making things neat is hard especially when shading jesussss
you did good bruh ;u;
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I never understood how the coloring worked... XD

If you made commissions availible in this style, I'd definately order xD
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It's actually kind of inconsistent from drawing to drawing- if you compare miku's really complexly shaded shirt with len's really simple one omg yeah just /what do/

I never really thought about doing separate style commissions ;x; since it's all just me drawing yeah- that being said, I'd have to charge like double since it takes so long to do omg so idk if it'd be worth it ;;
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hhh the hair tho so good
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I can't believe kei drew akiharu o_O
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