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A couple'a ponies.



"Not another one," Holga muttered.
She eyed the delicate little pony currently trotting up to her.
And she grimaced at hearing the pony holler "Hello! You must be new!"
The little pony, whose mark happened to be something normal, came to an abrupt halt and gasped. "You have a HOLE IN YOUR RUMP!!!!"
Holga rolled her eyes. "No. I don.t"
"Yes. It's my mark. My 'cutie' mark is a hole. Kay? Now shutup." Holga made some grumbling comments under her breath as she moved away from the blubbering pony. Having a "hole" in ones rump could really be quite irritating.
For SeventhSanctum.com's latest contest Horseplay using the newest and cutest generator Magical Legend Ponies!

My ponies description is:
This bulky pony is an earth pony who is bitter. Her coat is chocolate-colored. She has a spiky mane that is red. Her eyes are black. Her mark is a hole.

for the secondary pony in my picture I used the description:
This lean filly is an earth pony who is inquisitive and confused. Her coat is coffee-colored. She has a short mane that is violet and green. Her eyes are blue. Her mark is a pile of jewels.

In the spirit of My Little Pony I tried to make it look kind of coloring book style and I colored it in with my crayons. I loved this contest! I used my own MLP coloring book (Yes, I really have one) as a reference for the ponies and had fond memories of many hours spent coloring in those adorable, entirely-too-cute horses with my sister. *happy sigh*
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Pretty hilarious, I agree.