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Rebooting this Deviantart thing. I want to push my art to a higher level. Only way to do that is to draw daily. Here we go....
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I've really been sucking it up when it comes to drawing and updating. Time to change that!
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I'm going to start a Daily Draw thing. Where I draw something daily and post it. Cause I hardly draw much anymore. That needs to change.
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Argh! I've been so busy working on my huge project that I've forgotten about DA! I never just DRAW anymore, when I draw now days it's only for my webcomic. I'm trying to do more illustrations and stuff to put up here, starting with some PC's from my D&D campaign.

Oh! Yes, I launched a webcomic last month, if you're interested you can check it out at
Anyhoo, on to making some more art works!

Thanks for the faves and comments! <3 <3
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Okay, so I've been trying to work on the webcomic as much as I can while balancing my day job and xbox time. :O

However, aside from just doing the comics I've been wanting to do some fan art stuff, I just don't have a whole lot of time to do really nice fully rendered illustrations of some of my favorite characters.

That's where this quick sketch idea comes in. I don't usually draw on the computer with my wacom tablet, but I do need the practice. So, I figured I'd do quick sketches of established characters on the computer. Nothing too facny, just enough to give them a little personality and still be able to identify the character. Usually, I like to put my own spin on things, but for the most part the character design essentials are still there.

Well, enough rambling from me, time to draw! :D
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I'm listening to Phill Collins right now.

Wait for the drum roll…


Okay now that's over I can finish this post.

HI! It's 2010! I'm saying "twenty ten" not "two thousand and ten" because "twenty ten" sounds more scifi. And that's what's most important.

I didn't do resolutions this year because resolutions are dumb. I never stick to them. Instead I've compiled a mental to do list!

1. Launch Webcomic by Spring.
2. Blog More often.
3. Draw every day.
4. Start doing projects with my new Flip HD camera!

and a bunch of other stuff! I'm gonna make a honest effort to make this year a good one! My online presence is hopefully going to improve. You can always find me on twitter, facebook or deviant art! Yay! New year! See you around! I'm gonna go work on a new twitter background!
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I'm updating my gallery with some graphic design projects I've done in the past year. This is for my portfolio. If you're here to see the graphic design work, great! If you're here to see the geeky stuff It'll update soon too! :P
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Well, well, well.

I've decided to actually use this deviant art thing for what it's supposed to be used for.
Posting art, connecting and other stuff!

Expect lots of posts and art to start popping up! yay!

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Holy Crap!

I totally forgot I made a deviant art page and never used it. Gonna start using it now! Whoo!
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hello to anyone who might come across this. I've just made my page and i'll have some artwork up soon. till then, stay classy.


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