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Green sun

By Ekhorizon
My first sun system.
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Due to the nature of black body radiation, a star cannot be green on its own. However, a green tinted star is possible if there are oxygen rich gases blocking some of the star light. This can filter out certain colours being emitted, giving the star a greenish colour. This has been observed in some planetary nebulae. However, these types of nebulae are the result of giant stars shedding their outer layers. Any planets nearby would be inhospitable for millions, if not billions of years, and once any living things do emerge, the nebula would have likely dissipated.
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Beautiful and breath taking ;).

12/10 for such a unique landscape of space, as well as a cool choice of colour for the sun :).

If a Yellow Sun heals Superman, a Blue Sun makes Superman stronger, and a Red Sun makes Superman weaker, I wonder what a Green Sun would do to Superman?

The Fandom DC Wikia page has no mention of a Green Sun anywhere, so it's anyone's guess as to what a Green Sun does to Superman.

Anyway, the green glow makes this area of space feel elegant and rare, making this picture so lovely :).

Keep up the stunning work and artistic effort :D.
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Not sure if green stars exist, I mean, that color is not listed in the H-R star diagram.    
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You're totally right: green is in the middle of the human visual specter. So, if a star emit light around green, it would be a mix of colors that humans can view, and so... it is white ! :-)
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Real nice image.

You placed it in "Sci-Fi"?
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Used this in my proxy of Green Sun's Zenith.

Everybody loves it~
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Do you have a picture of this proxy ?!
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Thank you. That's funny ! :-D
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Good idea ! And it's an honnor to have my artwork used as a MtG card's illustration. ^_^
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Great! still working :)
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just wonderful !
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Merci beaucou ! :-)
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added to Sketches and concepts in Sci-fi Archives
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Very interesting. A Green sun.
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Thank you very mush. I was a strange idea... :-)
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Turned out fine :)
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Thank you very muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch ! ;-)
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Very pretty, I love how you've done the lighting on the planets. :)
Love the background.
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Thank you very much ! :-)
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You're very welcome. :)
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