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hija de la luna - chapter eight by ekholocation, visual art


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> heya!! i'm ekho, a socially anxious artist trying to fumble through life as best as i can. you may know me as a co-author of the Midori Magica fanfiction project, or from an entirely different site. either way, i'm glad you're here!

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icon is my sona in steampunk wear, drawn by myself

background drawn by me

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heck i originally commented read my about but forgot i dont have em marked as closed on this site, sorry hHJDFG,,, im gonna have to say no though ^^;

That’s okay!

Hi Ekho! I wanted to ask, what do you use to draw? If you're using an art tablet, do you have any tips? I received one yesterday, and want to learn from some other users before trying it myself. Thanks for reading! <3

i use a wacom intuos tablet i think ! its a hand-me-down from a friend so it glitches every so often but it works like a dream compared to my mouse lol

if theres one thing you should know about me, its that im awful at giving tips XD the only thing i could say is spend some time messing with settings, turn off pressure sensitivity if you wanna keep consistent line width, and wear a glove on your drawing hand for possible extra stability. those all help me but idk if they'll help you ^^;

i hope you enjoy the tablet !! <3

Thank you! I'll try to experiment with the settings and pressure sensitivity once I use it. I notice a lot of users use Wacom. :0 But I have to agree, mouse is definitely not the easiest. xD But, I'll put these tips to good use. Thanks again!