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Yo Ekhi, can I pay you for the full-size version of this image so I can print it out?!

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Your art is being shared on FB today, it's all over the place and no one knows your name. I'm linking to this page.
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thank you so much!! you're very kind!!
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That's Hilarious!
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9gag stole your work without giving credit:
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thanks for your notice! I'm really angry!!!!!!!!!!!!
 can not understand someone to do something!!!
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took me a while to find the original, glad i did!
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 i have never before seen an image that sums up so perfectly my online experience
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i was lookig for this image for about an hour, and luckily I found the source!! It's very funny, I really liked it and I can't stop laughing at it!! GJ!!
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The first thing that came into my mind was,

'Is that God?'
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"Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn" - Alfred Pennyworth 
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when I saw this pic I was thinking the same thing.
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this is the favorite show to all evil beings
this is what I see every time I watch the news.........................THE WHOLE WORLDS GONE MAD........................
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Vicariousness... we just love to watch the whole world burn.

Very nice
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Haha a great statement for many people about our culture
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You're welcome!
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