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Haven't really had much of a chance to really put my thoughts into words that much yesterday, but I'll go ahead and express them here.

On the topic of the death of Stan Lee, I have to admit that I was not particularly surprised to hear it. I was saddened, of course, but not overtly surprised. In fact, I was more taken aback by the fact he had managed to live out as long as he DID.

The second thing I felt, was....

Oh, geeze. How can I word this in a way that won't make me sound like an asshat?

I felt grateful. Not because of his death, perish the thought, no, but because of all the wonderful things he had given us. All of the amazing fantasies of superheroics, of characters larger than life, of lessons that even though they might be fantastic can still be applied to real life.

You don't need to be a web-slingling wall crawler with radioactive blood to learn that having great power also means having great responsibility. There are some certain people holding certain public offices that I could name drop, but won't, who don't see to fully grasp that.

(Make of that what you will. I am not engaging in any discourse on that topic.)

Furthermore, Stan Lee was born in 1922. ...Mind you, he was born on December 28th of 1922, just three days before 1923, but still.

For context, by the time he was born in 1922, US President Warren G Harding introduced the radio to the White House and made the first ever presidential public speech over it, Yankee Stadium had undergone construction, the Lincoln Memorial had been dedicated, the Ottoman Empire had fallen....and two of the original four Golden Girls, Bea Arthur and Betty White, had also been born.

He became a instrument part of the comics industry in 1939, and only after two years was made into an interim editor at a little place called Timely Publications, which would eventually grow to become Atlas Comics and then finally Marvel Comics.

It was because of Lee that we came to know, and enjoy, such heroes as the amazing Spider-Man (co-created with Steve Ditko), the Fantastic Four, Captain America, the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, the Avengers, among many, many, many more. It was due to his imagination and the scenarios he dreamed up that he--along with several other artists such as Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby--practically made the comics scene what it was today. A lot of the heroes have their origins thanks to this man, their powers, their personalities...their drives and motivations, almost all of it sprang from the mind of this incredible man.

(And whatever DIDN'T certainly came from his equally brilliant and just as celebrated contemporaries.)

With Stan Lee's passing, coupled with Ditko's earlier this year and Kirby's back in feels like we've lost the last member of the old guard.

Although, by my own admission, I've never been that much of a huge comic book reader to begin with. I've never been super heavily involved in superhero comics as a young child, nor did I get particularly into Marvel until well into my teenage years.

Still, however, the sense of wonderment for many people is something I cannot deny. Stan Lee forever made a mark--a lasting impact that will be certain to echo through the ages for many, many decades to come.

There will never be another Stan Lee....but I don't think that in and of itself, is something to mourn. He had amazing talent, and I feel that the creator passing gives way for new and upcoming artists not to match, but maybe perhaps one day to surpass him. After all, Stan Lee's catchphrase was "Excelsior!"

The world is a bit less brighter for having lost him, but the fact he shared his dreams and creations with us made the world a far more fantastic place today than it ever would have been without him.

In the end, I suppose I can sum up my thoughts and feelings in a simple phrase that I've seen used several times before:

"Don't cry because it's over.
Smile because it happened."
So a good friend of mine is currently looking for commissions and would really like to get some done for you!

She's a rather good artist, and I think you'd like her work. Her prices are actually very reasonable!

Chibi - $5
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+$5 for each additional character

All prices listed are in USD.
Payments only accepted through Paypal

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Can do any Original Characters, Fandom Original Characters, Any Species.

Contact information is as follows-
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Go hit her up, why don't you!
Man, how time flies...

So! Our website started, as with all things, as in idea. An idea, by a man, shared to a couple of his good buddies. These three individuals got together, and they brought on some other people (who, in turn, also became friends), and together they all worked and collaborated to bring you a website where we could come together to bring you entertainment of all kinds--from movies, to shows, to video games to nearly everything in between.

It's been one year since we've launched, and I still remember that opening day. Practically eight people in chat right from the start, but that number has done nothing but grow and expand. We've had some bumps in the road, and obstacles we've had to overcome, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that we'll continue on to even bigger and better things!

Happy Birthday, CinemaQuestria!
Avast, mateys!

This week's Babble with Bronies is battening down the hatches for something different! Regular captain EverlastingJoy will not be heading this expedition, but by MrBen (EkardShadowreaver)!

Join him--and us--as we set sail into uncharted waters this episode, discussing shipping and in-depth character interactions, along our regular showcase of news, art, and videos!

Where -
When - 4:00 pm EST USA (GMT -5), March 1st, 2015, click on the link to see it converted into your timezone!

CinemaQuestria-Looking for new staff members! by EverlastingJoy
CinemaQuestira is still looking for people to join our staff! If you are interested in being a part of the CQ Crew, fill out this application We are looking for a staff artist and also anyone with good computer and technical prowess. If you feel you have a talent we can benefit from, please feel free to fill out the form as well!

Applications will be accepted until March 1st, 2015. You only have three days left so go Go GOOOOOOO!!

You can also find us at the links below!

Twitter -
Facebook -…
Youtube -…
Steam -…
What time? Application time!

CinemaQuestria is looking for more staff members! Specifically, we're looking for staff artists--preferably those skilled in vector art. It's not a requirement, but it's certainly a plus! We're also looking for anyone with technical prowess. However, if you have any other skills outside of that you could bring to the table, please don't hesitate fill out the form below!

We will be accepting applications until March 1st, 2015.

As always, follow us on @CinemaQuestria and @BwBofficial on Twitter!
Hey, guys! ...and gals. ...and guys who dress like gals.

SO, a friend of mine, Carmen (:iconcammiluna:) is hosting a Kickstarter to get her webcomic Highly Experimental made into an actual physical book. Consisting of at least the first three chapters of what's currently five.

If you like webcomics, I strongly suggest you check it out--you certainly won't regret it.

Anyway, how's about all y'all go throw a few dollars her way and help her out a bit, why don't you!…
Hey, all! MrBen here, just letting you know that tomorrow is the big day for the Mario Kart tournament!

It will be starting tomorrow directly after Babble with Bronies! Hope to see you there!

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Hey guys! MrBen from CinemaQuestria here! I just wanted to let you know of all I've got cooking up for you!

First off I want to make my big announcement--I am now, OFFICIALLY, hold a Mario Kart 8 Tournament on CinemaQuestria! It will be held at the end of THIS month, Sunday, November 8th, at 7:00 PM United States Eastern Time. If you have a WiiU and a copy of the game and you want to join in, send us an e-mail at with your Nintendo ID!

You'll also require a Steam ID, but ONLY if you wish to participate for the prizes we'll be giving away.

First Place will win a copy of Shadow Warrior for the PC.
Second Place gets a copy of X-Com: Enemy Within.
And Third Place gets a copy of Final Fantasy VIII.

All of them are for Steam, so you'll need to provide a Steam ID along with your Nintendo ID. You don't NOT require a Steam ID to participate in the tournament, though.

On top of that, I am holding a Double Disney Week in December! For two weeks, every afternoon from Monday-Thursday (POSSIBLY Fridays before AnimeQuestria) I will be showing TWO movies.

The first week will be Classical Disney Week -- Any Disney Movie from the Disney Animated Canon from BEFORE 1989.
The second week will be Renaissance Disney Week -- Any Disney Movie from 1989 and beyond.
I'll also likely be showing Pixar movies as well on either week, depending on what movies are chosen.

But here's the thing--I need YOUR help in deciding what to show! Just fill out the form at THIS link: and let me know what you think!

We hope to see you there for both events! Until then!

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More than you'll ever know.

You were a great source of inspiration to me throughout my life, and you've taught me so much.

I wish I could spend more time with you. I wish I had spent more time with you...though I will never forget the memories and the wonderful times we shared together.

I would say you were taken from us far too soon. ...but you've had to deal with so, so much throughout your life. You've dealt with more misery and pain and hardship than anybody should ever have to experience. Rest well up've more than earned it.

I love you, Mom. Now, always, and forever.

I'll see you again one day.

August 1st, 1957 -- October 8th, 2014
A Quantum Conundrum? No.

I don't even have that game.

HOWEVER, speaking of games I've been playing through Paper Mario on stream recently, and, well, I've had a bunch of games pop up that I thought would really be cool. Originally, I had a plan--a set order I wanted to play them in, but, well, I decided to take a page from my buddy TwilightIsMagic's book and....well, I'm gonna live it up to the popular vote!

(The Cheat, what are you doing here? Go away.)

Anyway, MrBen asks you, "What game should I stream next?"
So, I've been thinking of hosting a Mario Kart 8 tournament at some point. Not in the near future, but at *SOME* point this year.

Thing is, I don't want to create just any old tournament willy-nilly. If I'm going to organize something I want to get a basic idea of what people should largely expect.

I'd like to get people's responses. If you'd like, please take a few minutes to fill out my form:…

On top of that, we are STILL looking for streamers. If you would be interested in applying to stream for CinemaQuestria, please visit this link: and fill out the form!

That's right, YOU!

With Season V just around the corner (airing this fall! Ain't that exciting?!), we here at CinemaQuestria are looking for volunteers to be able to stream new content as well as moderate our chatroom. We are especially looking for people who can stream live television, especially that of the Hub (for the new episodes).

If you would be interested in applying, please visit this link: and fill out the form!

We will be accepting and reviewing applications up until Sunday, August 31st, 2014. So don't delay!

Hope to hear back from you!

--MrBen, CinemaQuestria Co-Founder


No, this isn't a sarcastic opening! Our new website, CinemaQuestria, is now up!

Over 100 days of sweat, blood, and tears (well, maybe not to quite that extent, but still), our hard work has finally paid off. We thank you immensely for your patience.

This website has basically been our baby--and we hope to nurture it and build it up more after launch. So in a way, it's actually rather fitting that we went live on Father's Day.

In any case, if you have any questions you can always e-mail us (our contact info is on our website), or you can catch ahold of us on our IRC Channel of #CinemaQuestria!

Hope to see you there!
Just to give y'all a heads-up, Pony Plush Paker Maker :iconwhitedove-creations: WhiteDove-Creations is holding a contest where the winner gets a cute little Twilight filly plush with removable items!

Check it out, why don't you!:
...what would you wish for?

Would it be for money, or superpowers, or to be able to travel to any world you choose?

I wouldn't.

Yes, I could wish for money, but money cannot buy me true happiness. Superpowers would be cool, but--you know what they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Personally, I'm not really cut out for that. And world-hopping? ...Well, actually, yeah, I have to admit, that WOULD be awesome to just go anywhere I wanted. Equestria, the Mushroom Kingdom, stomp around with a team of Pokemon around Kanto...I'd almost be hard-pressed to give that up.


You see, my wish wouldn't be for myself....but for everyone.

I wish for there to be no pain or suffering on this earth.

I wish for there would be no need for wars.

I wish for children to not grow up parent-less, or in broken homes.

I wish for that there be no hunger, illness, prejudice, or social inequality.

I wish....for everlasting peace on earth, and eternal happiness for all of mankind.

That is what I would wish for.
A possible little plot twist that involves the upcoming second movie and perhaps may come into play during Season V and on. We know that as of the beginning of Season IV, the girls had to relinquish thier Elements of Harmony to save the Tree of Harmony and restore its magic, yes?

But, yet, at the END of Season IV, they were replaced by the Rainbow Powers.

However...there's one thing that I realized. While the Elements of Harmony were indeed quite powerful, able to both neutralize Nightmare Moon and Discord, and perhaps MAY have been useful against Chrysalis had they been gotten to in time, they suffer from one, glaring, debilitating weakness:

They MUST been gathered and utilized together in harmony to even have been used. They existed as physical objects that must have been worn in order to even be able to be used, AND, all of them can not be used when one of them is missing.

This was first demonstrated in Season II when Discord was failed to be sealed when the girls attempted to use them without Rainbow Dash and her Element of Loyalty. While the Element was indeed present, Dash herself was not. The fact that girls themselves were Discorded may have also had something to do with as well, but this was even further exemplified earlier in Season III during Discord's reformation when Fluttershy refused to use her Element of Kindness. During the first Equestria Girls movie when Sunset Shimmer stole the Element of Magic, Princess Celestia even outright stated the others with useless without it.


If you take a VERY GOOD LOOK at this group shot:


You will notice that NOT ONE OF THEM look like they are wearing ANY sort of physical jewelry related to their powers. In fact, when the rainbow power was first ignited and utilized, all of the girls were completely without any sort of magic at all.

So this leads me to one conclusion: that these powers are not dependent on any external source of power, but are rather internalized, and not fueled by their own magic but rather the magic created by the bonds of their friendship. It is possible that they may need to all be present, because it was shown that they did manage to use it again in the new crystal palace when all of them sent out the Rainbow of Light around Equestria once again...but my point here stands:

The girls' new powers can not be lost, nor can they be stolen.

This makes me wonder if, for Season V and beyond, that these new powers may come into being more often.

This also opens up a whole new slew of questions about these--exactly how would they manifest? Would they all need to be physically present? Is this something that they might be able to use at will, or does it need a trigger? Furthermore, what connection does the Rainbow Power have in regards to the upcoming film?? We know that in the short teaser clips for Rainbow Rocks the girls "pony up" by the Power of Rock, and this power manifests during the concert in the trailer, but is this only something that's for SHOW or is there a deeper, more magical meaning behind it? How exactly did this power manifest in "Humanquestria" anyway, and was this a byproduct of the Element of Magic being used in the first film, or does latent magic actually exist in the human realm and the friendship between the Human Mane Six just serve as a key to be able to access it (reached by rocking the hell out)??

(And people call me over-analytical. ...To be frank, I think they're right.)

...I suppose we will just have to wait and see what the future holds for us. Perhaps my questions will be answered in the upcoming film and seasons. Perhaps not. I'll keep watching, and see where the road brings us.
:iconcrazyrabidpony: and I are co-authoring a couple of fanfics together. You may be aware of The Lion and the Lamb, that's currently up to Chapter 39 (and counting!)....but she also just very recently released another new fanfic after the Season IV finale. One we've been working on together ever since before Season II even started.

You should probably read them.

The Lion and the Lamb, Chapter 1:…
NEW! Fire and Ice, Chapter 1:…
I was at :icontoxic-mario:'s most recent stream earlier tonight and we watched an encore of the most recent episode of Friendship Is Magic, Equestria Games (Season IV, Episode 24), and I got into a bit of a....discussion with one of Toxic's moderators.

Namely, our divergent opinions of the central character of the episode, Spike.

The one guy, whose name I will be withholding for the purposes of this journal, basically stated that during the climax of the episode--where Spike comes to the rescue of the ponies in the stadium--he was basically acting cowardly, no, that HE WAS a coward, and that the ONLY reason he even did what he did is because nobody else could do so, and that he didn't act because he expected the others to do so.

Um, excuse me?

OKAY, so, first off, let's go over the facts here:

-There were several ponies in attendance, including the four princesses of Equestria.
-Several pegasi, including alicorns Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, immediately launched themselves to try and intercept the ice cloud:

Of course, the two still don't actually DO anything noteworthy (as per usual, but still).

-Keep in mind, the anti-magic field was still in effect at this time. Shining Armor called for it to be shut down, only to receive a reply that there was no time to do so.
-Upon hearing this, Spike realizes what must be done and immediately jumps into action, using the other pegasi as springboards to gain enough height to use his fire breath to melt the ice cloud.

AND, when Princess Cadence comes up to him later to personally thank him, Spike quotes, verbatim:

"I just saw what needed to be done and reacted. Just so happens I can breathe fire and... if any of you could do that, you'd have done the same."

Let me reiterate that. Spike saw what needed to be done and REACTED. And his first reaction was to RUN TOWARDS THE DANGER.

Now, before I ask my last question, let me define the word "coward"

noun: coward; plural noun: cowards
  1. a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things.
    synonyms:weakling, milksop, namby-pamby, mouse;
    "the cowards were the first to give up"
adjective: coward
  1. literary
    excessively afraid of danger or pain.
  2. Heraldry
    (of an animal) depicted with the tail between the hind legs.

So riddle me this, Batman. If Spike is a COWARD, would his FIRST REACTION be to RUN TOWARD danger? Answer: NO.

Q.E.D. Spike is awesome.

Thank you and GOOD NIGHT.

--Mr. Ben
I would like to announce that as of this time that we are no longer accepting applications to join CinemaQuestria staff.

If you still like to apply, do not be discouraged--keep an eye out on here, and on our site for future job postings and apply then as well!

We're ever-so-slowly reaching the day that we officially launch! Stay tuned, everyone!
So :iconeverlastingjoy: and :icontwilightismagic: and I are creating a website!

I may have mentioned this before in an earlier journal, but on the off-chance I didn't, our site is going to be called CinemaQuestria. Our aim is to provide entertainment by streaming content--mainly movies, video games, fan art...among other things.

However, the site's not quite complete--we're about 75% done, but we're really looking for a couple of people that can help us out.

Check this journal for more information:…