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Mr. Ben Ponified - Version II by EkardShadowreaver Mr. Ben Ponified - Version II by EkardShadowreaver
As with all things in life, sometimes we get a little bored of our image. When that happens, as some of my female friends would say, it'd be time for a makeover!

Instead of touching up my original avatar, I decided to go for a complete overhaul.

I have to admit, no offense to General Zoi, but I found the Hub's official Pony Maker to be far more varied in several different options. Utilizing it, I chose a completely different mane and tail style, and I was able to chose a hair color that was...actually a little more accurate to my natural color.

(I never was able to really get the hang of the RBY slider on Zoi's...)

Also, the Hub's maker has a selection of pre-chosen cutie marks, so I couldn't import one in unlike Zoi's, but I was pretty happy with the selection they had. I've always been a major gamer (even if I'm not particularly good at it).

I decided to go with a pegasus build rather than a unicorn, mainly because flying would be hella awesome, and I tend to imagine myself as pretty OP as a unicorn anyway. xD

I also chose to go with a brighter, more silver color than the full on flat gray I originally had. I also got rid of the freckles and the feminine eyes I originally had on my first design.

I may yet do another design, or touch this one up...but, all in all, I'm much happier with this result.
Fire-Link Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
Nice work. What's up?
CrazyRabidPony Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2012
This is adorable! Better than the first one. :3
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September 17, 2012
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