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I've seen it: It's Coming -- Stay Tuned!
Super Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (220)
Haven't really had much of a chance to really put my thoughts into words that much yesterday, but I'll go ahead and express them here. On the topic of the death of Stan Lee, I have to admit that I was not particularly surprised to hear it. I was saddened, of course, but not overtly surprised. In fact, I was more taken aback by the fact he had managed to live out as long as he DID. The second thing I felt, was.... Oh, geeze. How can I word this in a way that won't make me sound like an asshat? I felt grateful. Not because of his death, perish the thought, no, but because of all the wonderful things he had given us. All of the amazing fanta
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So a good friend of mine is currently looking for commissions and would really like to get some done for you! She's a rather good artist, and I think you'd like her work. Her prices are actually very reasonable! Chibi - $5 Sketch - $5 Line Art - $15 Flat Colors - $20 Colors & Shading - $25 Tiled Background Vector - $15 Colored Lines - $3 Simple Backgrounds - $2 Scenery Backgrounds - $10 +$5 for each additional character All prices listed are in USD. Payments only accepted through Paypal SFW and NSFW Available Can do any Original Characters, Fandom Original Characters, Any Species. Contact information is as follows- Email: Seire
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Guys, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes you've given me. Not just this year, but for the past couple of years. I'm really not all that active on here, I've noticed. I should probably try and change that.
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Thank you for the Llama! Herr Llama Emperor Llama Fashion Llama Thanks For The Llama Emote Llama Fashion Herr Llama Emperor 
Spike (Smile Widely) :iconsaysplz: Hey there buddy!
MLP Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz :iconsaysplz: Greetings from Equestira darling!
Rarity party hat icon :iconsaysplz: Spikey-Wikey and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday!
spike (great!) plz :iconsaysplz: We also heard you're a huge Power Ponies and O&O fan, just like us!
Spike (i love you maybe) plz :iconsaysplz: Who's your favorite? Who's your favorite villain? Which comic arc was your favorite?
Rarity icon :iconsaysplz: Maybe it's because I stood in for her, but Radiance is positively divine!
MLP Spike (Sheepish Smile) Plz :iconsaysplz: I've always liked Zapp myself.
Rarity (blink eye) plz 
Rarity party hat icon :iconsaysplz: let's get back to Mister Ben Spike. You always manage to surprise us in wonderful ways.
MLP Spike (Sheepish Smile) Plz :iconsaysplz: And you always make us so happy.
MLP Rarity (SO FABULOUS) Plz :iconsaysplz: So it is with utmost sincerity when we say...
Rarity party hat iconSpike sprite :iconsaysplz: Happy birthday Mister Ben!
spike (eat pancake) plz :iconsaysplz: Mmm! This cake is delicious!
Happy Birthday ^^
:iconexcitedapplebloomplz::iconsaysplz:Howdy there, friend!
:iconexcitedscootalooplz::iconsaysplz:We're here today to wish you a happy birthday!
:iconexcitedsweetiebplz::iconsaysplz:I'm so excited to do this! Rarity told me how fun it can be!
:iconscootalooplz::iconsaysplz:Dash said how important it is for us to greet our friends in the other world! It's an honour!
:iconapplebloomdaresyaplz::iconsaysplz:Focus, girls, remember how we practiced it...
:iconsweetiedetermined2::iconsaysplz:We wish you all the best on this occasion! May you have lots of happy times and good things come your way!
:iconsweetiebellehappy::iconsaysplz:And we wish you'll be able to do your best for yourself too! And, and...
:iconscootplz::iconsaysplz:And stay in good health and high spirits all the time! And believe in yourself and who you are!
:iconapplebloomplz::iconsaysplz:An' also we wish you great friendship and to have your nearest an' dearest with you to share in the good and deal with anything bad together!
:iconsweetiebelleyayplz::iconsaysplz:So on behalf of all Equestria we wish you...
:iconapplebloomawesome::iconsweetiebelleidea3::iconscootaderpplz::iconsaysplz:Happy Birthday!
We did it, girls.:iconsays2plz::iconproudcmc1plz::iconproudcmc2plz::iconproudcmc3plz:
:iconsweetiebelleidea4::iconsaysplz:Now let's all celebrate! Cue the music, Scoots!
Trixie Returns :iconsaysplz:Hello there Mr. Ben. The Great and Powerful Trixie was asked to wish you a happy birthday today!
:icontrixieplz :iconsaysplz: Y'know, not many humans get this rare privilege! You should consider yourself lucky you're getting a birthday with from The Great and Powerful Trixie!
:iconstarlightdozyplz: :iconsaysplz: Trixie.
:icontrixieeyerollingplz: :iconsaysplz: Well it's true! Trixie doesn't normally get the chance to wish ponies a happy birthday, let alone humans.
:iconstarlightconfused2plz: :iconsaysplz: Isn't that because you're performing for the guests though?
Trixie (Sad) :iconsaysplz: ... Yes.
:iconstarlightcuteplz: *giggles and pats Trixie on the back.*
:iconstarlightsnobbishplz: :iconsaysplz:Cheer up Trixie. Now we both have a good opportunity to wish someone a Great and Powerful birthday wish!
Pony Trixie Lulamoon Happy Emoticon. :iconsaysplz:You're right Starlight! Let's do it!
Trixie Returns :iconstarlightbigeyeplz: :iconsaysplz:HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. BEN!

Fireworks FIREWORKS! Cuddles: Fireworks 


Heh! Just like with TiM, I always look forward to seeing what you have planned for these every year. Thank you so much, buddy. I sincerely appreciate it.