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About Digital Art / Professional Eugene KaraszMale/United States Group :iconneofusionfantasy: NeoFusionFantasy
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⭐ $5 Commission Drive 

Commission Drive by eKarasz

Are you looking for somebody who can draw a character for you? Are you in need of a designer who will visualize what you describe? Well, look no further. I run the commission shop and I am currently designing characters on a (somewhat) daily basis. What I have to offer may interest you, so please, take a moment to check them. If you are satisfied, feel free to let me know or tell your friend about it. My motto is "I get done quickly in a day." Of course not literally, but I am pretty good at time management.

No matter what tier you will pick, they will cost $5 each! That's right, $5 each. It can be a sketch, it can be anything you want ranging from sketches to fully colored pictures. It is a big sale for this month so the most important thing that benefits you from this drive is that it saves you money off the original price. But you better hurry, because this offer will end on July 31st. 

Keep in mind that certain art styles I am experiencing are not available for sale at the moment. But if you are interested, maybe I can take it up as a challenge. For now, it's going to be Color+Shaded images.

Just a note that the rules may still apply to the drive, so please take a read before you note me.

Send me a note with:

- Which character do you want me to draw?
- Which art type you want (Bust, half-body, or full-body)
- Which art style you want (digital sketch, colored picture, etc.)
- Number of commission (if you have more than one)

Rules before you buy a commission:

- Show me a reference of the character you want me to draw first.
- Nudity is permitted, but the character must be at the age of 18+.
- No Gore.
- No Sexual Stuff. DeviantArt is not a pornographic site.
- You can either pay me points or pay me via PayPal. But my recommendation is PayPal since DeviantArt is a dick at converting from points to cash with a small fee.


Eugene Karasz
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college graduate, I managed to fulfill my accomplishments. I specialize in graphic design with the use of Adobe Creative Cloud. But as of now, and I'm a freelancer. I'm also into character design, because making characters is beneficial. Sometimes I roleplay during my free time with my friends, and as a gamer, I sometimes play games. In addition to that, I make Garry's Mod movies under the alias of Crispy Toast.


Best way to focus on art: Music.
I'm going to start a $5 Commission Drive once again sometime in July. If you guys are interested, feel free to note me! I'm getting ready to prepare.

That's $5 for the fully colored and shaded image! A $15 value!
Not again...

NotThisShitAgain by eKarasz

I would like to thank JJsonicblast86 for showing me this. Once again, I am a victim of the freakin' bootleggers coming from China and other infamous places. Only this time, it's the assholes from VHX / attilatv that took my picture of Pepperami's mascot and just put that in their thumbnail and they just don't give a damn about it.

It's bad enough that my Jeffy picture is taken without permission by some Minecraft shmuck and a bunch of bootleggers you find in Google Play, but Pepperami? Seriously? I'm starting to realize that copyright doesn't mean anything to them since they enjoy breaking the rules and making people miserable. The worst part about it is they're making money out of this. And do you think I should tolerate this bullshit anymore? NO.

God, I fucking hate bootleggers. I hope they all rot in prison for this.
I'm currently training some new art styles. Advanced shadings and colorful styles too. If all goes well, I may have to update my commission shop!
This is weird! Maybe DeviantArt just.... glitched on its own and happened to my account...



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What exactly happened to your account? Also, how do I pay you to make a commission? PayPal?
eKarasz Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
What account are you talking about?

And yes, I do accept Paypal since I'm currently doing commissions. Just hit me up with a note if you want something.
ThatLawler Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You said something about activity that you did not do happening in your account in your status updates a few days ago? What exactly happened that you didn't do?
eKarasz Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
I don't know? Maybe it's a glitch. Who knows?
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Sorry if I haven't made any new images in the past couple of days. Life is just busy.
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