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My Personal Rant on Typical Fandoms...

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 3, 2019, 5:33 AM

With the recent controversy regarding the whole #BringBackNationalDex conned by the Pokemon Fandom, the disgusting wolves in sheeps' clothing in the Splatoon community, and those goddamned K-Pop Stans posting horrible responses to anything tragic on social media, I am questioning the communities whether or not that there is something really wrong with these people. It seems like no matter what fandom you are in, you are going to see a lot of angry or disgusting people there that should not belong in the fandom or even society in the matter. Seriously, what the hell happened to the civility within the fandoms anymore? How come nobody is even addressing any of this issue? Why am I saying this?

Regardless of any franchise, I am looking at the fandom in a whole new perspective and I am glad I am staying away from these kinds of communities. Every fandom in existence is becoming a hostile cult that would give political communities and the religious communities a run for their money. As a matter of fact, fandoms are now in the same league as politics and religion because of shady, corrupted, disgusting, and vile people within the groups that want to start trouble or are hiding their darkest secrets just to stay there longer. Even more vicious than they were before back when Tumblr was a thing. I mean, has anyone noticed this or is it just me personally?

Let's be real here, it was bad enough that a typical fandom has to make cringe art that involves shipping and perhaps sexual fetishes - although people just want to have a good time attending in conventions and dressing up in costumes which may not be a bad thing - but this is beyond cringe at this point and this is not looking good for every fandom in existence. If you give out an opinion that they do not take kind of, they can start arguments with you, bully you around, and can escalate the situation further. Whether or not is it the Sonic fandom, the Five Nights at Freddy's Fandom, Steven Universe fandom, Homestuck, or even the recent Pokemon fandom, Smash Bros. fandom and the K-Pop Stans, you are going to find a few or more toxic members than they were before. It is unbearable to witness something like this to happen. And even if I have an original series, I would also be afraid of my own fandom committing a lot of heinous acts too. For every fandom in existence, they can damn right kill the series they love for stupid reasons. 

If you are one of the people who are thinking about joining a fandom based on your interests, maybe you need to think twice before you do so. It would be better off if you do not partake in any fandom and just limit yourself with your friends. As a matter of fact, the whole world would be better off without fandoms in existence... I am sorry, but this would be a lot better this way. And if you do not disagree with me, fine - whatever. I just do not want to be involved with ANY fandom. Period.

Just leave me out of this, please...



Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
I'm a college graduate, I managed to fulfill my accomplishments. I specialize in graphic design with the use of Adobe Creative Cloud. But as of now, and I'm a freelancer. I'm also into character design, because making characters is beneficial. Sometimes I roleplay during my free time with my friends, and as a gamer, I sometimes play games. In addition to that, I make Garry's Mod movies under the alias of Crispy Toast.


Okay, OpenToonz didn't work out as I hoped. And Synfig is no better either but worse. I mean here's why -

OpenToonz tends to crash if you attempt to render something or do anything specific as you progress. You are required to save its progress ever single time and hope to god you don't lose progress.

As for Synfig? Jesus Christ, who the hell has to put up with the broken UI system?! It's hard and I don't like it!

So I guess that would leave me the remaining options:  Animate, Toon Boom, and Pencil2D. I wonder if there are any more programs out there that have the same functions and more user-friendly capabilities, but my gut tells me I should go for...

Toon Boom Advanced or Toon Boom Premium. And goddamn you'd have to save up a lot of money just to own them. You'd be better off with subscription services.
I'm actually interested in OpenToonz. Could it be the best one?
I've been busy working on the 10th Anniversary of Crispy Toast. This is my highest priority since I've been running the channel for 10 years, and thing continues to deliver content throughout the years!
Does anyone have any recommendations regarding 2D animation software that are not expensive or does not cost anything at all?
I was having trouble with Photoshop recently until I realize that my C:/ Drive is filling up faster than somebody can gobble and say "omnomnomnom." That's when I realize that these media cache files and old Photoshop preferences had damn right left in there and to be filling up my disk space. I won't have that!

So I just deleted those to free up space. I checked my Photoshop and it worked fine. I'm not sure about Sony VEGAS, but I think it will work too.

That wasn't so hard, was it?



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creeper6677art Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2019   Interface Designer
Yo, I want to say, Your Art is a Masterpiece for having a Great design, Have a Really good Sr Pelo Drawing for I love and Roblox Design is way better than me so your the Legend Artist for everyone likes. 
Sr Pelo dancing Isaac Sr. Pelo [50x50]  Creeper dummy Creeper dummy Creeper dummy Creeper dummy Creeper dummy Raulixitsfree: Noob Dance Raulixitsfree: Noob Dance Raulixitsfree: Noob Dance Cuphead: MUGman... Mugman (cuphead) Icon 5  
Habib987874 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Are you going to make Ren & Stimpy 3D models?

Just take a look of this:…
eKarasz Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
I didn't make those. PlacidStorm did!
Habib987874 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Can I see those models?
eKarasz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
You'll have to go to this link and there you will find a Discord link to his server. Talk to Placid about ordering a commission model if you can afford it.
Habib987874 Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
ProvokedRobin60 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2019  Student Filmographer
I'm heartbroken. I was just joking around in the discord server. Why can't you take a goddamn joke?
WarchieUnited Featured By Owner May 10, 2019
Hey there. How are you? I heard that you're busy working as a voluntary storyboard artist for a project called "Daisy's Odyssey 2.", correct?
eKarasz Featured By Owner May 10, 2019  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah? What's up?
Well... I tried not to be weird or anything. Sweating a little...  But I will find it funny if Daisy were taunting her enemies by slapping her rear at one point, just saying.

Wario: I heard that!

Overall, I can't wait for the project you making! :D
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