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Limerick - There once was a time I was rude...
There once was a time I was rude
You might even say I was prude
A man gave me a cake
But no thanks I did make
Just because he was dressed in the nude.
:iconekajra:Ekajra 0 0
We are one
We are no one
We are everywhere
And we are nothing
The powers of the world
greed, corruption
censorship, violence
will be routed out
Their secrets are
our greatest treasure
And we control
Their public face
They anger us
We take them down
Uplifting those
Who better serve us
Right Center Left
We fight all
We fight for all
The /a/moral morality
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We may destroy ourselves
But we will never die
:iconekajra:Ekajra 3 1
Sad Panda
I am a sad panda.
I wake up in the morning
'Oh hey, bamboo
The same thing
all day
every day
Roll out of bed
(which is a rock on creeky twigs, by the way)
Eat bamboo
Walk over to the tire swing
Slap it around for a few hours
Chat with Wúliáo
At the watering hole
About life In the zoo
Yeah, they make it
look comfortable
But we're still
stuck here
Keeper comes by
to see what we're doing
I roll a rock over
(pointless, really, but it keeps him happy)
He says, "Keep up the good work!"
and walks away.
End of the day
everyone leaves
I go back to my bamboo
I sit on my rock
Pandas eat shoots and leaves
I eat
and leave
:iconekajra:Ekajra 1 2
ID Thingy by Ekajra ID Thingy :iconekajra:Ekajra 0 2
"SONIC GRAB MY EGGPOD" Robotnik shouted at his blue rodent enemy. All around them was nothing but a strange yellow light.
Robotnik's face bore an expression of utmost seriousness. Curious, Sonic complied, reaching out with his left arm and taking hold of the Doctor's hovercraft.
Immediately the two launched into the sky, high above the clouds; a majestic rainbow followed them as Robotnik exclaimed, "GET A LOAD OF THIS - - - !"
:iconekajra:Ekajra 4 2
Causa Accita
"Well, this is the section of world myths and legends. If there is anything about the demon attacking your nation, it will be in here." After Renki explained his people's plight to Nestor, the historian had led them into the depths of the library. Immediately they got to work scanning the shelves and removing books and scrolls.
"Myths and Legends: Spirits," Pachacamac read the title of the first book he pulled off of the shelf. "Definitely blunt enough, I say." He tossed it on the floor, causing Nestor to jump slightly as the paper flopped onto the stone tiling.
"Please be a bit more careful. Some of these tomes are quite old."
Renki had crouched down to scan the lower shelves. He spotted a thin book with ornate writing on the spine and pulled it out. "What about this? It looks like it's written in your language. Subitō! Meratrīcēs Ubīque!"
"That is not supposed to be in this section!" Nestor yelled, leaping at Renki and snatching the book from his hand. Susp
:iconekajra:Ekajra 0 0
Pax Nocturna
"Pachacamac, how much do you know about that legend?" Renki asked the echidna walking beside him. The two had been travelling for two days (it was now morning of the third) and had nary a conversation apart from deciding where to camp when evening came. They had gotten off to a rocky start, Pachacamac being rather annoyed at having to escort the outsider, and this was only made worse when he found out that Renki had not known about the trade route despite the fact that, as he bluntly pointed it out, it practically ran straight from Renki's homeland to their current designation. Finally, however, Renki had worked up the courage to ask his companion the question that he had been holding since they left.
"What legend?" Pachacamac replied indignantly, his spear making a harsh click with each step as he struck the paved brick road.
"The one Chieftess Cihuacoatl spoke of, about the power my people sent me to find."
"Oh, that legend," Pachacamac said, as if it had completely left his mind in
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Primita Procella
The sun shone brightly as a weary traveler trudged through the thick jungle growth. Sweat soaked his fur, and he was panting for breath. "Why must the weather be so accursedly hot here," he said as he trudged along, using a thick branch he had picked up, broken off of some tree and now quite dead and dry, as a walking stick to prop himself up. "Honestly, it is not so much the heat as this jungle humidity." The traveler was a young fox, hardly looking to be of an adult age. His fur was a mixture of various light browns with a red tint, apart from a section that ran from his muzzle to a tuft of hair on his chest which was white. His hands and feet were significantly darker, practically black, and the tip of his long bushy tail was also tipped with black. He wore a light robe, dark brown in color, which fell to just above his ankles, and had rather open sleeves. It was held together with a thick black belt, upon which a sword was held. Over this was a jacket of similar fabric and design,
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Only seven when two towers fell
the eleventh day of the ninth month
when a pentagon went quadrilateral
and a single field became the site
of carnage intended for a house of white
But "Ignorance is bliss"
they often say
and rarely would a child understand
why classroom TVs are turned on
and the teachers' faces are all sad.
Two thousand nine hundred seventy-seven
On thousand four hundred thirteen
Nine thousand nine hundred seventy-one
Four thousand four hundred thirty
Thirty-one thousand nine hundred sixty five
Sixty-six thousand eighty-one
Fifteen thousand one hundred ninety-six
Numbers of War
Prisoners of Hate
Millions massacred, but
a million is a statistic
One man dead
makes it all significant.
Nine years, seven months, twenty days.
Singing "We Are The Champions"
the crowd forms
(nothing more American
than British rock songs)
and the commander-in-chief,
delayed more than Nukem,
makes it truly official
An era has ended
a new one begins
Still battles rage on
while war
:iconekajra:Ekajra 0 1
Writing a Haiku
Writing a haiku;
Running out of syllables
is a pain in the
:iconekajra:Ekajra 1,157 248
1869: All are Equal...
"Why? Why don't you just kill me now?" the man said as he looked up at the two strange men who had managed to outsmart and defeat him.
"Why? Well that's simple really," said one of them, as a ridiculous grin spread across his face. "I'd much rather see you smile!"
* * * * *
Two Days Earlier, June 15
"The integration of Reconstruction by the Freedman's Bureau with the Fourteenth Amendment, or the Fifteenth Amendment, is threatening the black codes of the Ku Klux Klan for segregation of those share cropping, tenant farming or share-tenancy scalawags and carpetbaggers!" shouted one old man to the other as the two sat rocking on a porch.
"What are you even talkin' about?" the other asked.
"I don' know, I jus' read it in the paper," the first old man replied, waving the previous day's newspaper in the air. "And if I read it in the paper, it mus' be true."
"You old coot, you can't jus' trust everything them papers say!"
While the old men continued to bicker over the reliability of the
:iconekajra:Ekajra 2 0
A pie passed me by...
A pie passed me by
As the sky said to die
Like a fly in the rye.
Bill Nye the Science Guy!
There were none in the bun
But a nun on the run
With a ton of good fun.
G.U.N. Experimentation
A bee by the tree
Let it be said Mary
There's a flea in my tea.
Mr. T is Mr. T
They must hug and yet Flug
And a bug in a rug
With a pug once called Doug.
Dig Dug and a Moonshine Jug.
Though my poem is at home
And the Dome unlike Rome
Shiny chrome, fluffy foam.
Lordgenome needs a chest comb.
A third sheet shall repeat
With this treat of a beat
All the meat that is sweet.
The Egg Fleet is obsolete.
It acts coy like the boy
With a toy made of koi
And annoy not the soy.
Colonel Roy Mustang, oh joy!
Taking bleach to the beach
Helps you teach them to breach
But will leech fuzzy peach.
Halo Reach is unlike Bleach.
Ho hoe jo yo-yo yo
To the show we will go
But my toe must not grow!
SEGAshiro, my hero!
Time paradox it rocks
The locks of my new socks
But jocks cannot have flocks.
Goron walks are oft' road blocks.
:iconekajra:Ekajra 7 5
A Hero's Death
"Alright Shadow, time for me to finish this!" Sonic said, getting into his own fighting stance.
"Before this is over, I'll show you the true power of Chaos Control!"
"Keep heading towards the core." Sonic said to Miles, who was about to draw his sword. "I can handle this faker."
"I don't think so," Shadow said, before disappearing from site. Using Chaos Control, he bent time so he could attack the fox before even Sonic could react. Or so he thought. Sonic got between Shadow and his target, punching the cyborg hedgehog in the face. Meanwhile Miles had headed down the corridor behind them. "So, you've picked up a few new tricks." Shadow said, steadying himself.
"Looks like it. After all, I am the fastest thing alive!"
"We'll see how true that is soon enough, but as for your friend," Shadow said, snapping his metallic fingers, which made a high ring. Out from the space where Shadow himself appeared came a large humanoid robot, propelling itself forward with two jets in its back. "Omega he
:iconekajra:Ekajra 2 0
Dozing in Dusk
"So, how are things going with you guys?" Hopper asked over their communications radio.
"Apart from the darkness, we haven't had any trouble yet," Miles replied. "Though honestly that worries me more. Rouge, have you found the control room yet."
"Almost. Just give me a minute; this place is hard enough to navigate when it's activated."
"Honestly, I'm actually kind of appreciating all that training in the dark I did." Hopper said, as he was placing a bomb on a metal column. "It's really heightened my sense… wait a minute, I think I just heard something moving." He pressed himself against the wall and inched towards the end of the long hallway he was in. He peered around the corner into the next room, spotting the source of the noise. Floating over a pool of some strange green fluid was a blue sphere with a robotic head. Hopper pulled a throwing knife out of a pouch on his suit and with a flick of a wrist he sent it into the robot's head, causing it to explode. "I just found some we
:iconekajra:Ekajra 0 0
The sky over the desolate plains was silent, its rolling hills hardly disturbed by the slightest breeze. The silence was broken by a small fleet of fighter jets tearing through the sky, followed by assault helicopters. In the distance could be seen a sprawl dark metropolis, its factories pumping out even more pollutant which covered the sky in dark clouds. Below the roaring jets were jeeps, small tanks, large trucks carrying infantry, and a handful of humanoid mechs. Their target was the city, and marching ominously towards them was a vast army of cold, lifeless, killing machines. And they planned to destroy every last one of them.
A short distance behind them was a single pick-up truck and a small biplane which was flying close to it. Once their allies had engaged the enemy, they planned to blast through in the confusion of battle and enter the city undetected. That was the plan at least. Flying in the Tornado were Miles, Amy, and Sonic. In the truck were the Vamps, Hopper, and
:iconekajra:Ekajra 2 0
Flying Freedom
Great, not this again… let's see… blank white space… check… weird floating feeling… check… random person who I just barely recognize but can't quite put my finger on it… check… and now she's saying something I can't understand… if I could read lips this would save me a lot of confus… wait, what's she doing now? She's reaching towards me… something with my chest… wait, is that a…
Sonic woke up to the sight of Subagri's cavern ceiling. He'd been sitting on top of a building when he accidently fell asleep. "Uh oh, I hope I didn't miss the big strategy meeting. I'd better move it." Sonic jumped to his feet and ran to the side of the roof, jumping down into an alleyway. He then calmly walked out into the sidewalk and proceeded to the hanger. "But I still don't get what's up with that weird vision. If I could just figure out what she was saying, it might give me a clue. Maybe it'll help me figure out how I'm still alive
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Title best read like this fine gentleman:…

So yeah, home for the spring break and what not. Catching up on my deviantARTz since the site is basically borken on my school's internet. Realize that I haven't posted anything in quite a while. Well, I can fix that!

Alas, this not the continuation of my currently in progress fanfic. [Which, for those who care, I will be getting back to... eventually! Especially since I want to get to my next idea, which will hopefully be something you haven't seen from a Sonic fanfic before... or perhaps I should say, Shadow fanfic...] But, I'm taking a fancy college writing class, and I've written a few good pieces here and there, so I'll be posting some of those. Some short stories, a few poems. Critique type comments are welcome, since I am quite aware that they aren't that great - I'll spare you the really bad ones. Because I'm a procrastinator, and if there's one thing I procrastinate more than homework, it's my writing. So when you combine the two, there's a high likelihood of rushed work in the hour before the deadline to submit.

So that's that. The other purpose of this journal was to make an inquiry. A few months ago I started finding videos of peoples performing spoken word poetry, and now whenever I'm having one of my split personality arguments with myself I've been channeling a lot of it into that style. My question is: would anyone be interested in me writing some of it down and posting it here? The reason I'm hesitant is partially because, as mentioned earlier, deviantART is basically inaccessible on my school's internet, and these would be about the kinds of things that tend to be high-octane flame bait; politics and religion. And personally, I don't like getting in political arguments on the internet because, well, it's the internet. I know how the internet works, and it's really not an environment that serves gentlemanly discourse very well.

Besides, I much prefer to spread chaotic whimsy as opposed to angry rantings - outside of nerdy matters, at least. Then I can rant and rave with the best of them. But that's getting off topic. My question is: Is anyone interested in seeing the written form of the attempts of a nerdy white kid from the Midwest to express his opinions in Spoken Word?

To conclude with some news from my life, I'm seeing The Hunger Games tonight. Should be some interesting stuff.




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Drawloverlala Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the watch! :aww:
projectsonic Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2011   Writer
Hey, pie master. I was wondering if you've played Sonic Generations yet.
Ekajra Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
Just a mite. Alas, I lack a PS360, and my laptop is a bit old and underpowered for gaming. But my older brother has it, so I played through a few select levels and watched all the story cutscenes. Very enjoyable, especially the story and the writing (a continuation from Colors). Unfortunately a lot of the gameplay improvements from Colors didn't follow; I was rather peeved about the lack of double jump.
projectsonic Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2011   Writer
That's interesting, it's about the reverse of what I've heard from most. People said the physics were weird in the demo, but they fixed it. It does look better than the others have been lately, but I haven't got to play it yet. Curse being on a mac... I would've totally nabbed it from Steam at some point, but it's not for both platforms.
VampireGirl174 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
I've heard the joke in your DD before.
Ekajra Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Well, as my tagline indicates, I've never claimed to be the most inventive person.
KitzyRu Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
I bet you don't know who I am :v
Ekajra Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2011
Alas, I cannot say I do. But judging by some of your watchers I have a feeling I should...
KitzyRu Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2011
Nah, well maybe.
Enroconar Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2011
It makes my day every time a poem gets a DD.
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