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Commission: Sarah and Nico's Wedding


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Commission: Sarah and Nico's Wedding


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Umbreon Ornamont


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PES Logo Daniel Yost Commission


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NZ- Milton Sound Dolphin

New Zealand- 13 Days In May

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ACADC 26 Add-On: Woogie


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others' OCs and fanart

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Digital Work

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Billie, What Are You Doing?

traditional work

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DAWGs 5 Prelude: Final Straws

DAWGs Episode 5 Prelude: Final Straws It was either late at night or early in the morning.  Hard to tell.  Jane was starting to lose track of time.  She hadn’t been to her own home in a while.  Maybe it was because she had too much work to do, or perhaps she was frightened of stepping out of her office.  Either way, she wasn’t letting on what the problem was, nor was she letting on that she hadn’t slept in several days- not since Grecca’s surprise visit.  Even Jim hadn’t seen her. Unbeknownst to Jane, Grecca was faring no better, and was just as restless as her former icon.  The exchange of words mustered old fee


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ACADC: The Complete EJS Creations Universe

character profiles

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Happy Birthday Dad

comic pages

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ACADC 23b: Chester and Emma

The Adventures of Chester K Fingkelbottom

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ACADC 30: Aya


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ACADC 10: Yurei

Dream Easy

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ACADC 7: Annie

Pandora's Box

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ACADC 16: Torishou, The Bird King


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ACADC 12: Jani Gibson

See You In The Rain

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ACADC 18: Aida, The Seamstress


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ACADC 3: Tzipporah

Tsubasa No Negai

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ACADC 2: Lady Falcon


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ACADC 6: Imiru

WorldWide Collapse

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Shark Week Day 1: Hammerhead

lineart and quick sketches

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Emily's Improvement Meme

Devious Stuff

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Dress Me Up No. 80: Apr. 2nd

Dress Me Ups

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Winter 2012 Colored Sketchdump


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ACADC 19: Ralph

Crazy Eye-Deer

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ACADC 17: Sheriff Mahogany Jane Walker


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ACADC 4: Crazy Emily

Paint Chips

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ACADC: The Complete EJS Creations Universe

Character-A-Day Challenge

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weavile gijinka costume idea


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