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Furbuntu Unicorn Wallpaper

By EJSCreations
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If you use this wallpaper, please fave me and leave a comment to let me know!
Also, please visit Furbuntu's site through :icontheyain:!

This was for the Furbuntu contest that :icontheyain: is hosting.
I just BARELY got it done!
But I am SO happy with the outcome.

Needless to say, this is an extremely different style for me.
It took me a whole day to pencil it and do the lineart (which is the first time I've done digital linearting on such an image),
then it took me all of today to color it.
The lineart was done in Illustrator CS, all painstakingly traced from my pencil sketch by hand,
and then it was brought into Photoshop where I used the pen tool for the base colors,
and then shaded with a simple brush tool at a low opacity.
The Furbuntu logo was taken from =Theyain's gallery, so go there and check it out!
(I did take some liberties with the color scheme to better work with my unicorn character, but Theyain said it was okay, so I'm hoping that still stands. ^^;)

I can't believe I'm the only one that did a unicorn...

artwork (c) me, but I give :icontheyain: permission to feature it until the contest is over and a winner is chosen.
Furbuntu (c) :icontheyain:? (at least the contest is...)


Special thanks to :iconb1nd1:, :icondolphy:, :iconedheloth:, and :iconklar: for inspiration from all their lovely artwork!
Go check them out!!

ULTRA special thanks to my mom, my sister, and Tim (aka :icon7liter:), for humoring me when I went on and on about how much fun it was drawing a unicorn.... >.>;

p.s. the unicorn is a boy..... >.>;
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very nice art :)
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It's so cute ! Good work :) It's very beautiful creature !
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Is it male or female? :confused:
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male lol ^^;
(it says in the description...
plus he has no boobies >.> )
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It's so cute. I'm so totally going to use this as my desktop! huggles thanks!
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no prob! glad you like it ^^
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I plan on using it as my wallpaper eventually.
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sorry im new to this sorry
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Congratulations!! XD
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Congrats on getting second place. ^_^
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w00t! thank you so much!
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You're welcome ^_^.
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The Majority has spoke:

We like this piece.
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Very cool! Although at first I was kinda like, "WUT.", since it's not your normal style. But on closer examination, I can see your style shining through, and I like the combination of something so different with your style. Although it's huge black eye is a bit scary to me. But He sure is cute.
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lawl, thanks!
i know! it's so different for me!
i couldn't even recognize it myself! XD

but yeah... about the eye... it was supposed to look like a dark maroonish-red, but stupid DA makes everything look weird. :/
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