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MerMay Tarot 2020 - 6. The Lovers

By Ejderha-Arts
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This is #MerMay in July!  :merla:  
As a theme I decided to go for the Major Arcana because I've always wanted to create my own tarot deck.
I mainly used the traditional Rider-Waite tarot deck as a reference with its visual symbolism and meaning.

6. The Lovers  

The Lovers are two figures, traditionally male and female, who are nude because "they have nothing to hide from each other". In the Rider-Waite deck they are depicted like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: behind the woman on the left is the Tree of Knowledge (the biblical reference is enhanced by a snake and apples in the tree) that can symbolize freedom of choice and taking the reins in your destiny; behind the man on the right is the Tree of Life, a tree with 12 flames that represent the 12 signs of the zodiac ("time & eternity"). This tree is sometimes called the fig tree, which is also seen as the Tree of Knowledge, representing peace, prosperity, plenty, fertility. I used the trees in the border but I omitted the snake and apple symbols. 
There is often an angel present, breaking through the clouds and looking over or blessing the couple. The clouds signify a revelation, the angel breaks through the clouds to bring you a message from above ("higher thinking"; "divine message"). They may represent stability and inner conciousness. The angel could be the Archangel Raphael, the angel of air, the element of Gemini which is the sign of this card.
Raphael is a healer, a keeper of balance and a messenger of love and happiness.
I gave the golden halo behind the figures stylized feathers to represent the angel's wings.
The Lovers here are in a passionate embrace and I played with the idea of a mermaid hugging her lover, who may or may not be a merman, the latter meaning that she'll be dragging her lover to a tragic watery death.

The keyword is: Agreement. 
This oracle represents love and all its possibilities, and it helps in any kind of agreement, both emotional and material. The Lovers always deal with decisions, to confirm or discourage a choice. The choice or decision to be made is guided in harmony.

Keywords that are associated with this card: love, belonging together, unity, friendship, harmony, marriage, emotional balance, harmony between spiritual and worldly love, soulmates, (irreversible) choice, romance, romantic relationship, partners, (unbreakable) bond.
Reversed: relationship problems (by selfish/obsessive behaviour), dominant partner, touble, unfulfilled expectations, disharmony, manipulation, imbalanced partnership, detachment, lack of respect, lust.

"Orakelen" - Rob van der Wilk
Mind Body Spirit - DeAgostini

* A5 paper (200 g/m2)
* graphite pencils H2 & HB
* Winsor & Newton gold drawing ink
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© 2020 - 2021 Ejderha-Arts
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This is so so awesome !

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Thank you! (^_^)

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Thank you very much for your comment. :hug:

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Well, it's true. I personally struggle when drawing two bodies intertwined like that. They end up looking sort of robotic or looking like they aren't really touching each other or something weird. How do you do it? Do you use references?

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

*How do you do it?* Mostly with great difficulty, heaps of frustration and lots of erasing. And sometimes just staring blankly out of the window... StareCoffee

I wish I could say that it's an easy process for me but especially when I'm trying to create a more intricate pose like this one, it's a real challenge. The first sketches definitely look more awkward because for me this pose was not easy to draw without any reference material.

I do indeed use lots of references, from my books and online. I always hope to find some images that come close to what I have in mind and I try to construct my own drawing by combining different elements, like a kind of Frankenstein monster. Frankenstein :la:

For the upper part I had a very specific idea so I ended up making some photos together with my husband. That way I could choreograph the pose almost exactly to my liking. The lower part was more difficult because I wanted her tail to coil around him in the most natural way possible. This was a case of lots of trying, erasing and doing it over. Somehow it worked out quite well in the end. Relieved

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Very thorough answer thank you!

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fantastic work ! Love love love your gallery !!!

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Thank you ever so much! :love:

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Geen probleem! :heart:

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Your drawings look so... perfect. There's nothing that looks like you didn't get it right, amazing! I love her hand and the fin.

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Oh wow, thank you so much !

It's definitely not perfect (at least in my eyes, I see too many flaws ^^;) but your comment really made my day and I'll take it! Kao Emoji-76 (I'll be waiting) [V4]

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Amazing work, as usual details (especially on the hair and tails) are amazing!:la:

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Thank you, also for pointing out the hair and tails. Those are the features that always take me the longest to draw! :hug:

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I feel like some pre-Raphaelite genius would LOVE to carve these in marble! Gorgeous work, as always :)


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Oh yes, wouldn't that be something? Thank you for your wonderful compliment! In Love

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Aww... this is absolutely wonderful! Really super amazing artwork (well, as always)!! Daisy claps

Hmm.. I think in this case I would not mind "a watery death"... sigh

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Oh dear, I get what you mean, but I hope you prefer to stay with us instead of getting passionately dragged away by an alluring mermaid. Yotsuba Pray

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Merlewds! I think this is the steamiest art I've ever seen you do. It's beautiful! FREE flying hearts Icon

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Haha, "Merlewds"! A new species has been unintentionally created! Oops

They really needed to exude passion so yeah, it's definitely the steamiest I've ever drawn. Giggle

Thank you! Heart Love

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