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Bloom - Draw This In Your Style @rossdraws


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"Bloom" is the DTIYS challenge, hosted by rossdraws on Instagram in honour of his latest book "Bloom 2", where he challenges participants to redraw the cover.…

I love these DTIYS challenges because it allows me to draw while looking at amazing examples without me having to think too hard about it. It's very relaxing.

I'm still on the fence if I should add some colour since the original has such a lovely colourscheme, but I'm afraid to mess it up.
Oh well, there's no hurry so I'll leave it like this for now.

  • graphite pencils H4 & HB on A5+ paper 
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Lovely drawing, very well done 🤗

Something about this draws me in.... can't explain it.

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Is there any DTIYS challenges here in deviant art?

btw your work is majestic!

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Thank you so much! :happybounce:

There are always challenges to find here. Just search with #dtiys or #drawthisinyourstyle and you'll come across lots of deviantions and journals that mention it. Sometimes it takes a bit of searching to find out who did the original. Most of the time they are hosted on Instagram but it's not exclusive (except when there are actual prizes to win).

If you have any question don't hesitate to ask.

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Oh okay.

Aw that's very sweet of you. Thanks a lot for the info :) I'll check it out

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very professional refreshing work of art^^

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A truly exquisite work :heart:

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Thank you so much! :huggle:

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Wow that's awesome! It looks so pure 😍

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Spectacular piece.

Love the expression. Beautiful technique.

Very nice.

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Thank you very much for your kind words and for adding her to your favourites. :love:

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OMG! Although the original image is really awesome ... your version is absolutely the next level!!! Much more than endlessly beautiful!!! Do you have her email address or phone number, pleeeaaase???

Ejderha-Arts's avatar

If I only knew her contact info, but she keeps on acting mysterious....

wotawota's avatar

Oh yeah, sometimes nothing can be done... :shrug:


Cat you're very welcome!

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The butterflies would look lovely coloured, though I don't think the whole image needs colour - it's already stunning.

But I trust your judgement on this - you've proven time and again that you know pretty precisely what you are doing :)


Ejderha-Arts's avatar

Maybe I'll add a light dash of colour but I'm still not sure what to do.

But thank you so much for saying that it's stunning. I always get awkward with compliments but I do enjoy them. Shy

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Her looks is so beautiful! :la:

Hreat work as usual! :la::la:

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