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Feature : Mr. Virpo // Llama Exchange List!

Alert! Alert!!!
The LLAMA has invaded dA!!!
Give a llama, get a llama!

[ Certified Service of truth ]

Hello everyone! Please visit :iconvirpo: he's giving out the llama exchange list! Please help him widen up the list, give him a llama badge, and have yourself LISTED it's quite simple. Do it right now! :3

* Here's ViRPo's lovely deviation ! Click it and fave it :heart:

Also put yourself in the chat box of #GiveALlamaGetALlama it will help you get llama badge too, read the rules first to have a nice conversation! ^^

Have fun!
  • Give me LLAMA and I'll give you back in return!

This is so addictive!!!

Yo yo yo!!!

Yo! I'm really slow atm, full of drafts and sketches are done but not yet uploaded because of laziness. *sigh*

Anyways I would be posting it in my scraps section or at my Meizuffu ArtBlog

eizu's to-do-list-that-she-should-really-really-finish-in-a-few-years-as-fast-as-she-can:

  • Finish requests (eizu you're almost there!)
    Do fanarts (i haven't draw fanarts for a while)
    And lots more (will be edited soon)

Lol, i guess i'm a little excited and inspired, i've been visiting dA for quite a while, like before, and I also read my past journal entries, and i'm just so happy how crazy i was before here at dA. :O

Llama Giving!

I just suddenly discovered that there's a llama giving program that dA opened!

:new: If you give me a llama i'll give you back too! ^__^

Happy April Fools Day

Lol!!! My icon for this day is Edward from Twilight(or new moon)
It made me laugh hard! Coz it's my first time shocked. Lol. Well, i was not shocked from the last year's mudkip invading dA, coz everyone shouted it was april fools ( i wasn't in my profile page that time, but in a very popular artist here in dA, no wonder i was not shocked)

This time, dA really careered it! Now it is different and more complex, lmao, everyone's icon is randomly burst with either edward, jacob, lady gaga, and etc. ^__^


...--->>> // K.I.R.I.B.A.N. // @ // 30,000 // <<<---...

:new: Catch my kiriban at 30,000 :new:

What's a kiriban? Learn it here. I know it's still on a long way, so you should visit frequently to win. lmao ^__^ DON'T FORGET TO READ THE RULES OK? ^__^ have fun guys! mwah!

Thank you!

I thank you guys for visiting, giving comments, for the countless favourites of my artworks, and adding friends through my watch list.

I think I'm so blessed to have this kind of world (dA :heart: ) So thank you again! I couldn't thank the guys who i should be thankful because of my schedule at school (exams and bleeding books) and of course, my laziness , so I am telling you through this simple journal entry. ^_^ thank you!

Info Stand:

My artblog : Meizuffu @ blogspot
My facebook : Facebook / DianaB.Santos
My tumblr : Eizu @ tumblr
My email : Meizuffu @ gmail . com

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  • Listening to: Listen (Beyonce)
  • Reading: dA world
  • Watching: Cain and Abel
  • Playing: LLAMA TRADE rpg
  • Eating: Canned goods
  • Drinking: Water ( no coke! it's fat and cancer enemy :D )
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singliketalking Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010
eizumuuu, how do you get those divider lines in your journal?? >A<
is it a paid journal type thing? :C
eizu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
it's a secret :)) hahaha!!! XD
Rukia1000 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I sent you a llama :) I thought they'd be gone today, but we still get to send them! :)
eizu Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
awww, thank you so much1!! :3
Rukia1000 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Thanks for the collect, and the llama too!
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Submitted on
April 1, 2010