Someday We Will Be

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Someday We Will Be
by Diana B. Santos

At first I did not know
Someone would bump and go
But then after I fell
You'll pick me up, I can tell

I don't know what to do
When my heart beats for you
What I know is your smile
Which makes my life fragile

Thank God we met even just now
It's a blessing, I know somehow
And right now, you are like my sun
That burns me with passion and fun

I believe friendship fits
You know I have limits
But please don't fade away
Waiting is just this way

You know true love
Is something I'm not allowed
My love is strained by degree
Someday we'll be
Someday we will be, inspired by someone.
My first time to write a poem from my heart.
Thank you for lighting up my day! :D
Date originally created... 7/18/09

Poem (c) Eizu aka Diana Santos
© 2009 - 2022 eizu
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Very beautiful. If that's only the first poem from the heart then you're on to a very good start.