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Small CG Process Part 1

...---==>>> WATCH THIS IN YOUTUBE <<<==---...
    Thank You for watching!
    It's highly appreciated

About the Video
    Yep! It's my first video ever! Though it's only a short one. But I'm currently learning about it and will upload improved works and video inputs ^^
    Ahehe, my Photoshop cs2 was kinda broken by that time, so right! I can't use the brush, smudge, and dodge tool! I was so into it that i didn't bother to restart my laptop and just finish things. lmao
    And the one on the video was created with mouse
    But the lineart, and previous colours were done by my tablet (while it was still alive/working) :P

About the BROKEN Tablet Pen

    It was just yesterday night... my pen accidentally fell and then it won't work correctly! Yes it can point like a mouse, but with errors and hard to control, you know what I mean. XD
    Even after a million times it fell, i guess it reached the limit. XD But I have experienced this kind of error before and everything perfectly got well after a while or so. I hope that when I replaced the nip it will all go back to normal.
    What would I do without my pen tablet? :C

    So now i'm currently using a mouse provided free improvised by the bamboo fun tablet. It's like I'm reminiscing my first time cg-ing art works lol. Though it really is so hard for me to use, coz I'm left handed and use the mouse with my right, so it kinda rotates the control from my brain orz. And I can't even control the mouse with my left hand, lol, it confuses my mind a lot. So now I'm here starting a new point. O_O


    It's like I felt that I should've created more artworks, now that my tablet (is kinda) gone. I'm so craving to draw now that I'm missing it! LMAO!


    By the way, I bought my tablet last October 2008 or so. I don't kinda remember, but I felt so happy when me, together with my parents, are going to buy my first and new tablet at an affordable price! Yeah! I used my savings and allowance to reach for my dreams, I even researched what kind of tablet I should buy, well, I was kinda going to buy the intuos one because it's features are beyond compare, but since I'm still new to it I chose bamboo fun. Yea, I'm kinda deductive when it comes to something I want to learn. Then, I practiced and practiced until I got onto this point... my pen tablet broke.

    Lol, And thanks for reading! ^^

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...---==>>> WATCH THIS IN YOUTUBE <<<==---...
    Thank You for watching!
    It's highly appreciated
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It's.....*sniff*... Beautiful!:happycry: