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Haziel stared at the piece of paper in his hand. It wasn't usually the work that he preferred but he was happy to help out. It made him think that he was doing more than stagnating. Not that he minded the peace, it was a good break from what he had been doing before he came to Ivywood. It seemed  that some rhyhorns had gotten out in town and they were looking for people to round them up. No big deal, it was something he could handle. For this mission of sorts he had decided to wear something easy to move in. He would probably get a little dirty so he had traded out his white boots and coat for a long sleeve black top and a pair of combat boots that he had in his closet. He made sure to secure his hair back into a ponytail, it would be rather unfortunate if he accidentally got his hair pulled out by a rogue rhyhorn. He looked to his gothita Rose and his ralts Lily, making sure that they were ready as they could be. He had hoped they would be helpful in this escapade mostly because they could use their psychic abilities to perhaps render the rhyhorns immobile as well as help transport them back to where they needed to go. He was fully prepared to do the job alone, after all, Rose and Lily were there to support him, but perhaps he should request help. Haziel wondered if any of his friends were in town at the moment.

Heading downtown Haziel spotted a familiar face...well, mask anyways. Inanna seemed to be wandering around for whatever reason, not that he was going to ask her exactly why. It wasn't really any of his business. With a glance at Rose and Lily he approached her with a friendly smile.

“Hey, are you busy right now?” Haziel asked innocently before holding up the paper in his hand showcasing the request, “I was wondering if you would be able to help round up some escaped rhyhorns with me, I’m sure Lily and Rose wouldn’t mind the company either.”

Working, it felt like that was all she did when she was home. Worked on papers or studied her findings from the last haunt site. As she stared at the screen of her computer, a leg pulled to her chest while the other was outstretched under her desk, she popped a few jelly beans in her mouth and sighed. “This is ridiculous…” she muttered typing more. “Still not at the word requirement.” she rubbed her face in frustration with one hand as the other reached for her jelly beans. Though her hand never found them, she opened her eyes to see her Cubone had downed all that was left and was trying to eat the bag. A frustrated sigh escaped her as she jumped up. “Come on little one we are going to buy some more.” She picked up her little man before walking towards a room where she let her pokemon freely lay or go outside looking over everyone she thought about who she would bring with her as moral support in the city. She picked her new Alolan Vulpix and a few other of her pokemon to come with her. Most of her pokemon chose to be in their pokeballs, Vulpix and Cubone on the other hand chose to ride on Inanna herself. After a drawn out process of getting dressed and heading out she made her way into town.

Finding the candy shop was a feat in itself and her dislike for people was ebbing on her. Especially people who wanted to touch her little icy Vulpix. She was slightly protective of Lilith due to them both being a little weak to the hot sun. She put the paper bag of treats into her backpack while looking over a shop window, they had a few masks on sale, but nothing really her style.

She jumped slightly when she heard the familiar voice call out a small smile formed behind her mask as she turned to him. “Why hello there~~” her voice chimed. She was quite surprised his outfit wasn't as ‘elegant’ as normal, then she heard his request and it all made sense. She giggled a little and nodded “Im free, I was just taking a break from one of my papers.” She stretched her arms up over her head as her cubone, Albel, scurred onto her shoulder, and Lilith tried to force her way into Ina’s head though the girl picked up the fox and held the little one in her arms. “It would be fun to spend some time with you~”  


Haziel smiled brightly at Inanna, happy that he had some companionship with the task. Not that Rose and Lily weren’t good company, it just wasn’t the same as having another person with him. “I think so too as well, not that we don’t spend time together, you always seem to be so busy with your research I just don’t feel like I should bother you. Not to mention I have my work too so our schedules never really line up quite right.”

He looked around, perhaps looking for a sign that his target was here in downtown.  It seemed that the Rhyhorns had yet to reach downtown, a good thing since he assumed that the damage would probably be not the best for the downtown area. It seemed that they were more towards the outside of town, which suited him just fine.

“I think that we should head out to the edge of town, towards where they escaped from, I think we should have some luck finding them there. Once we immobilize them lily and rose can help us transport them to the farm.” He pointed in the direction he intended to head, making sure that Inanna didn’t think he was just running away from her, before heading off that way, Rose and Lily on his heels. They reached an open area where it seemed like Haziel was not the only one that had been recruited, as he saw many others out and about helping herd the rhyhorns. Looking around Haziel urged Rose and Lily forward to help with the herding. Keeping an eye on them he turned to Inanna, “Pretty crazy out here huh?”

She chuckled a little and nodded “Yeah, Work has me traveling a lot lately.” she scratched the back of her head a bit. It was true but she also was in a no humans mood, she had spent a lot of time with people in the past few weeks doing little things for others and helping out around town. It was… exhausting for her. So she canceled a lot of plans and picked up a lot of work. She watched him curiously not sure how you start hunting Rhyhorns And just followed his lead.

Nodding a bit “You’re making a little too much sense there, Hazie.” She held up her left hand in a finger gun, obviously poking fun at him. Her pale pink eyes watched the fiasco from behind her ivory mask, it was a sight to be seen but it was also a lot of people. Her fingers counted the pokeballs on her thigh slowly as a coping mechanism she did often. All were there of course. Thinking for a moment “I have Nox, Albel, this girl-” she pointed to her Alolan Vulpix before continuing “My dratini umn” the thought for a moment on who she grabbed from the room this time. “ Wailmer and hmmn.. My Mawile. I believe.” She did the calculations in her mind over what they were facing and what would need to be done “I could use Wailmer.. But Baph… might hurt them.”

She grabbed a pokeball and pressed the little button. In a flash of red light appeared Nox, her little bulbasaur, in all his happiness he called out ‘BULBAAAAA’ she figured he wouldn't hurt them too much he was still a baby after-all. “How do we even go about this? I mean… I can have him vine whip one and try to wrangle it.” She looked to Haziel for his opinion since he had taken the job he would know how they had to wrangle the beasties. Non-ghost types were not her specialty. Maybe if it was wrangling ghosts she would know how, After-all all you really need for that is to ignore they exist and they will try to mess you up.

This just wasn't her field of expertise


He nodded and thought about which of Inanna’s pokemon would be best for the purpose they had in mind. He didn't want to hurt them too much so the Wailmer was definitely out of the question. Their purpose was to incapacitate them and get them back to the ranch, so Mawile and Dratini would probably not be the best option either. Nox, the bulbasaur would be the best option after all, seeing as they could make use of his vines. Haziel thought about it for a second more and looked over their intended targets and then at Lily and Rose before giving Inanna a nod. “I think using Nox would be for the best.”

He stepped a little closer to her and began unfolding his intention. “So here’s the plan. I’m going to draw their attention and get them away from the larger group of Rhyhorns. When they are close enough I will have Rose use Hypnosis to put them to sleep. Have Nox ready to wrangle them if the need arises, hopefully that won’t be necessary. Once we make sure that they are fully out or at least unable to move, we should be able to transport them back using Lily and Rose’s psychic abilities.”

Haziel waited for a confirmation Inanna before moving onto implementing his plan. Surveying the loose Rhyhorns he picked the two that were closest to them and picked up a small rock that still had a decent amount of heft and carefully aimed it at one. Winding back he took a breath before letting the stone fly...and he missed. He was close tho so he picked up a second rock and trying to aim more carefully he let it loose again. This time he was successful in hitting his intended target and the Rhyhorn turned towards them as he let another rock fly, hitting the second target he was aiming for without having to pick up another rock. As the two rhyhorns approached them Haziel sprang into action, commanding rose to cast Hypnosis on them. Rose compiled and soon the psychic moe rippled over the field, settling over the incoming rhyhorns. Their pace slowed as they tried to fight the effects of the sleep and eventually they stumbled to a stop, fast asleep under the influence of the move. Haziel smiled at Inanna and gave her a thumbs up, being quiet so as not to disturb the slumber of their newly captured quarry. He knew that he really didn’t need a second person for the job as he had brought his two strongest pokemon to do the deed, but it was nice to have the company, after all, Inanna needed a small break from being indoors all the time, and even though he had practically dragged her along with him she didn’t seem too displeased with him. Instructing Rose and Lily he soon had the rhyhorns floating around him, held aloft by psychic power.

“I think we’ve done our part adequately enough.” Haziel said and he and Inanna headed towards the ranch, rhyhorns in tow, “Hopefully the other trainers they hired will also be able to help them get back the rest of their escaped rhyhorns.” It had been a fairly productive day but Haziel still had one more thing to ask, “After we finish up here did you want to join me for some ice cream? I’m not sure when I’ll see you next so I wanna spend a little more time with you if you don’t mind.”

She watched his pokemon move and act so skilled and elegantly, it was fitting for the man, everything he did was elegant and skilled. Before she knew it everything was over and done with. She used a thumb to lift the edge of her mask and show off her smirk and let a little bit of cooler air in“You sure know how to hit a girl’s sweet spot~” she chimed happily as she dropped the bottom of her mask down. “Id love to get ice cream! I know the perfect place~” she was excited to spend more time with her friend, plus her sweet tooth was itching to be satisfied.


Trainer Apps: PTS: Haziel PaynePokemonTownship :: Inanna Nyx
Your Pokemon:  Gothorita (Rose), Ralts (Lily)
Guest Pokemon: Alolan Vulpix, Cubone, Bulbasaur, Mawile, Dratini, Wailmer
Subject: Bulletin Board
Word Counter: 2125 
Items used: - - - 

Thank you for Rping with me Catastrapostrophe 

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