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MYO: Rose Quartz Helleborus


Name: Bedivere

Rose Quartz Helleborus by Eiyre
Blessing Names: Rose Quartz Helleborus
Blessing Count: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Normal Round
Current Residence: Eldurr

Height: 5'10" | 178cm
Age: Appears to be in his twenties

About the Blessing:
The Helleborus flower goes by many names and is often known as the Christmas Rose, Lenten Rose, and Winter rose. Despite these names names the hellebore is not closely related to the rose family. Many varieties of this flower are evergreen and Frost resistant. They tend to bloom in early spring and sometimes during the winter. They are a very hardy flower and thrive in colder climates. Unlike most flowers the petals can last for months as they do not fall like normal petals. All Helleborus plants are toxic, but poisoning is not common and it is mostly the production of toxins that make it unfavorable to deer and other wildlife. White Hellebore are more toxic, but has been cited to be used as a purgative by Hippocrates. In Legend the Helleborus flower was used to cure madness.
History: TBA

Annies are a closed species by :iconyamio:
Bedivere Design by Me 
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This boy is gorgeous! I love all the details that make him look like he is part flower! Especially the top of his boots and breast plate~ I also really like the fur trim around the edge of his cape! He looks so warm and soft~

Ethereal-Requiem's avatar
This boy is beautiful :iconilavplz:
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Lovely Eiyre! Can't wait to hear more about this boi!
Eiyre's avatar
Thank you, I can't wait to work on his story
Berryzem's avatar
Oh wow the pink and white look gorgeous! (especially the flowers and...his face, basically XD)  I'm excited to see more art of him. Congratulations on your new Annie, Eiyre ♥
Eiyre's avatar
Thank you so much berry. All the love he's been getting has been making me so happy, I'm so glad he's well recieved
Berryzem's avatar
You're welcome! Tbh I would be surprised if he wasn't. He's gorgeous X'D ♥
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara he is beautiful, eiyre!!
this flower is stunning and i love the colors you used! :heart:
i am completely smitten with his white eye lashes!
Eiyre's avatar
Ahhh, thank you. I'm so happy with how his design turned out
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