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EiYa Lucifer
Current Residence: Heaven and HeLL
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Jrock, Anime, CLassicaL
Shell of choice: Bana
Personal Quote: Choy!Choy!


Luci's BLack Party

Before Anything Else, i would Like to invite everyone to...
Luci's BLack Party! on the 13th of June at my house in Manila.

You must wear Black to enter.

details for the party is at this website [link]

hope you guys come!


The Scars On His Wrist

as promised, this is the Scars On His Wrist. the first ever EiYa and Luci Spin Off!

well a brief stroy on the background, the story behind this was simple, we were at the Library, EiYa and i, and we are just sitting there at the humanities section admiring books on Painting. i was also wrting stories, thinking of titles for them, and then it hit me, a story that was just right for the both of us. this story can actually resonate from our reality if this were to happen in an alternate universe.

it's as almost as story wise as the BLack Book Trilogy (soon to be updated here as well) but idon't want to spoil anything.

it's a masterpiece i did, i combined pencils sketches nad shading, my style of inking, water color back grounds and the digital light and effects Picture Publisher Micrografx has to offer, and of course the story summoned from my Love for EiYa.

this was also a winner of the April-May comic contest of i-Quest Chronicles, check it out at this

well, sit back and Relax, as you would be surprised at what awaits you for this UN-Manga, as i offer a page a day of,

THe Scars On His Wrist. Story + Art by: ~Anonymous?

thank you for reading!




Hey Guys! WELcome to the EiYa and Luci Deviant ARt Account, i hope you read our comic strip, it's updated almost everyday, and for some, i will also post our first OVA (eheheh as if) no seriouslyly, like a spin off of EiYa and Luci, well, just wait for further announcements, you can also submit your FAN ART here, just emaiL me, Luci @ and i'll post it as soon as possible. EiYa and I hope you'd support us for our Un-manga!!!

add us up!

our mailing list:

our upcoming website:

our friendster account:

EiYa's DeviantART account:

Luci's DeviantART account:

Thank You!


++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

The Black Heart by: Anonymous?

I am evil. I do not know why I have the urge to be immoral sometimes. I have pity no one. I really am sarcastic. And I enjoy watching people die. I haven't really killed anyone yet. But I warn those who cross my path for I always bring my heavy duty sharp blade cutter. I watch people in the dark allies get mugged and get killed. But I felt no mercy. I enjoyed it. And so it had become a hobby. I video tape these events not to tell the cops but for my personal enjoyment. I am really a different person from all, and yet I still manage to have a girlfriend.

She is very meek and sensitive, I think she loved me this way and the way I am. Step by step, I changed her likes and dislikes, anime music to heavy metal rock, Christian art to Abstract Surrealism, Bright colored Shirts to All black attire. Truly I have changed her a lot. But one thing is in my way of her for being my perfect match. Her heart isn't Black. She cries when she sees me kill small living creatures. She stops me when I get into fights. And she often gets angry when I make her watch the video tapes I took.

She is weak! I told her that she is of no use to me anymore if she continued this. But I am amazed that she still stays as my girl even though I have never said I Loved her, not even once.

As I final act, I told her I would leave her if she did not meet my desire. And to my delight, she finally agreed. And what I did was, I made her watch the video tapes that I took. Full of blood and gore, real deaths and real crimes committed intentionally. When you watch just one clip of these videos, your mind will turn and get twisted, your eyes will burn in fear, and you heart will turn into Black. I let her watch all the tapes I ever took. And while she watched, I told her not to shed a single tear and to watch every second of it. And she did, and I could never understand why she obeys me.

She sat there, watching the videos, I could feel her aura engulfed with hatred, I could feel her trembling veins as she hold tight her black handkerchief, and I could feel her being my perfect Lilith. Soon, the tape has stopped, and the videos were all done. I asked her if she was ok and in a cold different voice she said, "Yes I Am" and I said, "Good." Her eyes where red, perhaps she tried to stop her falling tears. I stood her up, and as I look at her she was almost perfect. One glance you'll know she has a Black heart. And one more test will do the job. I told her to slew a pig with my own Black cutter. And she said, "Hand me the Cutter…" and I did. I leaned down and pulled the small Black pig forward, and when I looked at her, I found out that she had buried the Blade of my cutter all the way through my heart, my Black and Evil Heart, and pulled it back. She has killed me, punished me for the evils that I have done and done to her! She didn't cry, just like what I wanted. She looked in my eyes and her face of no emotion. She truly has transformed into one heartless being as I bled throughout the room. I fell down due to blood loss, I looked at her and held her in the legs and said, "I am sorry for turning you into a monster EiYa… I- I Love You." and then I never closed my eyes ever again. She dropped the cutter, and she broke down in tears.

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +

this story is dedicated to EiYa Chan!!




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