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A rough sketch for Cassie's OC tribute
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your line art is beautiful
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So delicate and graceful, she seems endlessly light and frail. I can't wait to see it finished, it's already beautiful. :D
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Wow.. It's so pretty!!!

I can't to see when it's finished!! :love:
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This is so very beautiful! Love all the pearls and petals. :hug:
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This...is a rough sketch? @.@
My roughs are so insanely rough, even I have issues discerning what I drew. XD;
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XD;; lawlz~ well, it's just that since the owner doesn't have the proper details picture so yeah, I draw it according to the things she describes to me. and yup, since I didn't pay attention on adding shadows and gray tone on it so this is the rough sketch for me XD;; I hope I can color better in the future o3o
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I see. XD
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Looking great so far! I can't wait to see it finished if just the rough sketch is this good ^^
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very pretty *A*
her face looks interesting~
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yeah~ that's the picture which pop out in my mind once the owner discuss about her OC with me 83 I'm so excited to draw her OC
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8D yay to the sketch~ Next time I hope I can do full size shot X3
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I can't wait to see it you are such an amazing artist really, I wish I could draw like you, you're so talented there is no doubt in my mind the anime companies you're sending your work off to will love your art just as much as me, and I love it quiet a lot.
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^^= Cassie, you're just few steps to be one too. Maybe it's just my experience that make us a lil bit different but dear, practice makes perfect. And yeah, XD I'm kinda crazy about arts that I spent 7 hours straight on the drawing board just to get my sketches done. If I'm accepted that will be a great starting to step on higher level ^^= but if not that means I need to find other ways just to accomplish my goal. My art is meant to make others happy and that's what I want to do :3 Glad that you love it ^^
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