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Petals Of Emotions

By eitho
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Oh yeah, more details XD Yes, it just take one thing to do those kind of details and that will be PATIENT. Okay... I'm actually not one of them but somehow when it comes to pour emotions on this piece of 'living' art, I'm willing to spend my time on every each of petals that falls down on the carpet and almost like drowning the two in the white and pure petals of roses soon.

^^= All I can say is that, this art is really special for me and I put all my emotions in it, every bit of it, every lines, those eyes and those petals.. I got all of every pieces of my feeling into it. *chuckles*

and yeah, I think lately I woke up really early in the morning than I used to be. Is it bad? No.. maybe i'm not having sweet dreams at all since I've grown up but hey *chuckles* I just realized that it is better than having nightmares right? And actually.. I think the happiness from being with my love one has awaken me before I can even see the glimpse of the dark shadow and instead watch the sunrise ray fills up my room. It really is a soothing feeling...waking up with such greetings from the nature and by the thought of someone we love ^///^=
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Ooooh pretty~ Can I color it~ ^^
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Looks amazing. ^^ You can really see the emotion in the piece. :3

Oh, and I know what you mean about the waking up earlier than usual.
Heck, I have problems falling asleep. XD
*note my signature*
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Thank you kazu :3 it's really one of my favorite art of the year.

XD yeah~ and I really like your siggy :'3 coz I am experiencing it right now ^^= When reality is much better than dreams...
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Always a pleasure. :3
Hmm...hard to decide for myself. XD You've got loads of awesome pieces.

Exactly. :3 Then again...the dreams are really nice too.
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This is stunning, sis. Between all the details and her beautiful corset, I cant tell which part I love more. I love it all. She looks uncertain about something. The petals are really amazing. Heh.
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*chuckles* Thank you sissy~ ^^= I'm so satisfy with the come out anyway although it took me a lot of pressure on finishing those petals XD but yeah~ thank you so much X3
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well you def. did a super job on those petals. You must have felt a lot of pride when you finished.
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for sure I do ^^= up until now I'm really happy with the come out. All of my patient paid off whenever I look at this art
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dawww~ :heart: thank you my dear~
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I really love the details of this artwork Ei-chan X3

And of course we always feel the comfort of the morning sun especially when it's so serene *sigh*, and the thought of the beloved ones feels even more comfortable inside :aww:

-snap-I don't even know what I'm saying lol;;

Anyways nice artwork as always Ei-chan :D Onee-san daisuki ^__^ *hugs*
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could it be...

VIC! .___. Are you in love?





I love my dear sis too :3 *huggles back*
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no I'm not XD I just felt like typing that lol
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lol! alright my dear~ XD *pats* :'3 but it sounds really lovely
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*is patted* haha XD
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I can almost hear music when I see this, it's just so lovely and emotional! I love these sort of quiet, almost surreal, and magical images (can't draw them though). Beautiful work! :D
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Oh my~ that much? D:
Aww~ Thank you pal X3 I'm so happy that it does reflect all of those qualities you've included
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Gorgeous detail, ei-chan ^^ 'Tis quite lovely!
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*chuckles* Thanks Tim, ^^= it's something that I draw straight with my feelings :3
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Wow. This is inspiring me...to make...really dainty, flowery art. With frills...and sweets...

I need to spend more time on my drawings. XD
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*chuckles* Well, once you pour all your effort in one drawing, it will be so much precious no matter how it turns out in the end. And it will be more meaningful when there's emotion seep inside as well. :'3 That's what I believe and for sure, it will always be great in one's eyes
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Haha. ^^ That's very true. But the funny thing is, whenever I do want to put my emotion into a drawing, it comes out terrible. I put a lot of work into it, then stare at it for a while..."What...this is horrible!" is what I think. XDDD

I love how soft your work is...*sigh*
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*chuckles* well, maybe you need something inspirational then. You know.. something that can lift up your spirit to come out with spectacular arts. I'm sure everyone have that kind of things in their life ^^= For me, if i dont like what I'm drawing I will start a new one again. Fixing the drawings is just too hard for me.

don't worry, all you need is to keep trying ^^= Everyone got their own style and I'm sure you'll get it. It took me 12 years to find my own style anyway XD
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*smiles* Thank you very much for the encouragement. The only thing I can think of right now is my love...but he doesn't work too well for me when drawing. (Ha ha.) Maybe I should try that. I hate wasting paper, so I always try to fix it. Hnm. Maybe that's my problem.

Thank you.
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