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My almost complete collection

By eitho
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My uhh... almost complete collection.. o3o= what were missing there are GB color, GB Micro and also GB SP...

Well, I do play GB color back then, but it's not mine and for Micro, I don't really like it. As for SP, I think I lost it somewhere... That's my fav handheld console above all anyway since... ;3; it was launched on my birthday.. (although not at the same year I was born but.. still ;3; )

so yeah, I hope I can find my sp.. o3o=
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Oo; There's a GB Micro?
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Yup, there is. I think it been launched not that long after or before GB SP was.
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Wow that's news to me xD
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Ive had them all... most of them got either sold or given away but I still have my DS and I have my Puppy's PSP so I am good on top of that I have the Game Cube, XBox and two PS2s oh and the original Nintendo too... to play if I want.... But I have also had all of the original big gaming systems too... save for the XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, and the PS3... I am getting that one soon tho... and the PSP Go too
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All I have is the GBC, GBSP, and the DS. xox
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o3o= well.. i don't have GBC... ;3; and I want my GBSP back!
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Awww....I want my GBC and GBA back...my parents took them. :/ Good thing they don't know about my DS or my SP. >w>
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o3o= at least they take care of them.. Mine... my sp had been packed inside a box and been sent to the storage room! DX Poor my sp~ she must be alone all these time ;o;
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Oh, they don't. They just leave them there....
D: Oh gods, no. TTATT
That's terrible!!!
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They look so little to me in the picture that they seem like something I would use as a photo prop for my Dollfies XD! I agree with you though that the SP is best :clap:.
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83 yeah~ *nods* It never fails to make me smiles. o3o so yeah.. must find it...soon...
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i remember that white concole the one u lend me to draw, is it DS..no? correct me if wrg..^^;
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*giggles* Uepu neesan~ you're right :3
That's ds for sure ^^=
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Speaking of SPs.... I need to finish Final Fantasy VI Advance....
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>.> oh.. D: ya know what? I lost my save files the moment I reach almost at the end of the game ~.~
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>.< I absolutely hate it when that happens. Last time, I cried.
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yeah, and there's time my lil bro soaked the game cartridge into the washing machine accidentally XDD and its the shining soul game ;3;
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